Memphis TN Fighting Tournement Help!

I’m wanting to do a tournament in Memphis TN…but there’s only 2 things wrong with my plans…

No Venue…have ideas but nothing set in stone…

No system…my fanboy inside is telling me PS3

No specific game…Thought about SF2HDR…

I’m wanting to do it for charity, for the Saint Jude Research Hospital. The winner of the tournament will receive, 50% of the prize pool. While the other half will go to the hospital.

Please note a few things…

The only place I know that I might have a shot as a venue is a “Smokers Lounge”, so that will force the entire player pool to be 18+.

As this is my first tourney, I am kind of a noob when it comes to letting managers to use the facilities, and borrow a PS3/360 from a local game shop to help sponsor the event.

Any help would be great!


Haha what?

You should post your questions in these two TN threads:

Someone in either will be able to better assist you.