Memphis, TN Tourney 5/31/08

Hey guy’s! Come and support this tourney in Memphis, TN.

Executive Inn(Hotel)
3222 Airways Blvd.
Memphis, Tn 38129

Here’s the link to the tourney site for more info:woot:. Check it out!:wgrin:

Main Event entry is $10 per tourney.

Tekken 5 DR; PS3

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike; PS2

Marvel VS Capcom 2

Guilty Gear AC: PS2

Capcom VS SNK 2

Smash Bros Brawl: Wii

Mini side games: $5 + Registration

Virtua Fighter 5 ; XBOX

Rumble Fish; PS2 (Free Entry)

Soul Calibur 3; PS2

Smash Bros Melee; NGC

There’s a thread for this tourney already.

Lolz, my bad! I didn’t even know that. I friend of the person hosting it ask me to post
this up.