Men of Valor early october

This game looks fucking sick. It also has live play. Everyone must get this shit! Check these vids out.

Wait for the reveiw scoot. VU games got a habit of pumping out shit majority of the time.

PS- Wots that purple Haze like, is it pick up and play or is it some deep shit?

Purple haze got shitty ass ratings but I rented it and I think it diserves at least an 8.0. Fucking people were comparing it to the pc version the whole time.

I rented it last night and played a 10 man game in the atg mode. Atg is kinda like counterstrike. When you die you are out untill one team wins.

It should be pretty easy to pick up and play. I would say the controlls are a mix of cs and rb6.

Bro the maps are pretty hot! Jungles with bushes and shit to prone in. Realistic rcoil on te guns! I think its pretty fucking sick when you are able to actually blend in with shit and fuck people up from a distance. Imo the game is pretty damn tight.

One thing though. So far out of the multiplayer modes atg seemed like the best one. Great game imo.

Scoot, I heard that the online levels (Vietcong purple haze) are turned down when it becomes to plants and trees and bushes and stuff like that. It seems that the offline levels have more detail in it then the online levels…(has to do with processor power and more bla bla…)correct me if I’m wrong on this one, because if the leveldesign from the online levels are comparible to the offline levels I would like hit you with a few headshots online(release in Europe is in about two weeeks if I’m not mistaken). :tup:

Thats if I buy it. I might buy it but when men of valor comes out im not touching it. That game looks too sick.

Oh release is october 19th to be exact.

More vids of men of valor but in high qaulity. Check them out!