Menat Combo Video Thread Repository 5.0: Donut Steel edition






Mid stage!




Unblockable Super setup


For resets, you want to reset them without the orb because Menat’s combo potential in non orb stance is way better







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Thats GO1 playing btw. his second account I guess.

Lots of nice stuff I can implent.
He basicly keepes the opponent with orb normals and her M/H Orb places at bay and when he sees a chance to start pressure he starts to use the orbless normals and mix it up, the usage of her is shown, it’s probably one of our best normals for pressure.
She definitly got keepout and pressure, but I think before I focus on this, I should focus more on working on my AA’s
Cr.hp looks the best so far, H Orb looks good too.

I played for like 10 hours today and I can finaly beat Flowchart Kens again.
Small step but it’s something.


Can anyone make a combo thread? Videos are cool but how about actual button info, when to press button? Which one? Timing etc?




Vesper Combo vídeo


Go1 really has the best Menat imo