Menat Combo Video Thread Repository 5.0: Donut Steel edition





Soooo flexible and appealing! But she is so…hard to use. Her best hit confirm, or the HC I used in Survival - Normal, is s HP, V Skill. Pretty crappy. Low damage output overall. Except in V Trigger, which is also hard unless you’re used to long combos like that. I’m so disappointed because I really like her look. Maybe I’ll get drunk sometime and then pick her in Casual Match so it won’t matter to me when I get a long losing streak.



pfffft unoptimised as fuck boi Go1 confirmed t r a s h


Lol :slight_smile:

What’s optimal for menat off of slide starter v trigger?

I’ve got some stuff that’s hard as fuck but I don’t know if it’s optimal damage or anything. But there are different “optimals” as well. I tend to optimize my anime shit by universal damage and ease of combo. I’m willing to do 80% da,age of an optimal combo if mine is hard to drop. My painwheel was optimized this way. My BNB did 7500 midscreen and other more optimized bnb’s did around 9k but these were wall distance specific and character specific whereas mine was universal anywhere, plus I could add on another 2k or so by comboing into a second super…

Different optimals, but it’s all about what a player acclimates to in the end I guess. One of my practice partners was an optimal painwheel but I beat him around 75% because of general outplaying and him dropping combos about 30% of the time.


this I’m pretty sure, no idea how scaling affects it and if doing the fierce - fierce loop is better, but I’m almost 100% it isn’t. Could be better off converting it into a second jump-in using your HK/HP orbs and then doing j.hp ~ LP/LK release for the extension but I don’t think that’s the case.


Been posted yet?





Hey can you give me the inputs for that awesome combo?


Too long for me to bother, inputs are in the video though. Should be easy to decipher it all.


lol I got REKT.


5:39 dang, dat damage without super. FeelsBadMan


79-hit combo