Menat Costumes Thread



This is what we’ve got so far.


I like her story costume best


Depends on her colours, I think they’re all really cool. Obviously the hooded one looks best right now, but if she has a funky colour for her default or battle outfit then I could be swayed.


I like both battle and story nnnnggh. Guess I’ll choose depending on the colors available.


Her default looks straight corny compared to the other two lol.


Whaaaat? Her default is nice


I like all, will probably run with the story one, since it makes her look a bit more mysterious.




I love the battle costume the best cos she looks better with longer hair.


Yeah it’s not bad at all I just think her alts are that much better.


It would be difficult to play with one hand.


I’d like to see what is she wearing on her legs in battle and story costume, I also think that out of the 3 default is the worst, is not bad per se, but it lacks the pizzazz of the other two. Anyway I has shillpass I ish happeh.


I love her hair in the premium one but the outfit itself is trying too hard that I can’t help but see it as corny. Story alt looks so nice. Between Menat, Abigail, Ed and Kolin, it looks like S2 characters tend to have fantastic story alts.


15 years old me would be 56k browsing for hentai of battle costume so hard so it’s trying just the right amount.


31 year old me will 300mega do the same in a few months while drunk


I actually hope that Menat inspires the SFM pornomancers, the SFV girls are criminally underused when compared to ther games.
If she gets the Queen Opala treatment will be even better :tup:


Already getting ideas for art commissions?


err… what’s SFM?


Source Film Maker


If she gets a sport costume we definitely know what she’ll be getting


You’re prolly right.