Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



Aren’t her BnBs low on damage? I haven’t had much time to play with her but it seems that outside v-trigger she’s as low on damage.
Good thing that Lord Xien is showing inter st though.


Her BnBs are only low when she combos either -

In no orb stance without using recall or in orb stance. As long as you use recall correctly she has good damage, almost always 200+


My favorite Menat so far, Goichi’s


Lol, no. There’s no way you are using that as a consistent footsie tool.


I use it to whiff punish


Menat’s nice, but that spot is already taken. B)


I just realized that the ball bounces on her head at the end.


It’s actually rather consistent as a footsies tool.


I thought that was the main part of the animation. What were you looking at befor- Oooh, right.


As a Cammy main you didnt notice what was before? Lol


Menat’s biggest asset to win the game is distracting her opponents

Hips don’t lie, for sure.


Cute Menats Timeover Pose is her taunt with a sad face.
Even if she loses, we still win.


I’m just gonna keep plugging myself continuously until I get bored of training mode.


She’s like F.U. to both Laura and Rog


I’m a very anomalous Cammy main, her posterior assets are but a nice added bonus to me.




OMG at this tweet! :lol:


Low damage, high execution barrier, having to learn a new way to play pad, whatever!!
IDK, I’m co-maining her!!


Menat got me interested in SFV again right now. Good stuff all around.