Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



Based on the few games I got to play yesterday and this morning so for I feel like throwing out the orb and leaving it out in neutral is a big no. I feel her neutral game gets gimped too much when she doesn’t have the reach that the orb gives her punch buttons.

That being said throwing out the orb gives her huge pressure benefits with recalling it back seeing as recalling it is +3 on block and +14 on hit so I feel like throwing out her orb is more for pressure and less and for playing footsies except for maybe against characters with slow walk speed.

I think I’ve seen Go1 throw out the orb and call it back as soon as possible I think he really values those plus frames and tries to anticipate when he feels like he’s going to turn the neutral into him going on the offense.

I don’t feel like I’ve said anything too ground breaking, just some observations, overall though I’m really excited for this character the way she goes from neutral and defensive play to offensive pressure is just so nice to look at it. Also I like 5Mk that button seems like its gonna be really good.


I feel like she needs a new combo ender there’s a weird interaction of when recalling orb that for a second you don’t have it try to cancel cr mp into a special it doesn’t work and usually to far for v skill


So in vTrigger it’s better to press each orb button twice to release the orb?


Anyone having issues with her DP coming out instead of her QCF? I’ve never had this issue and still dont using Ryu or any other character that has both a fireball and DP.


Yeah, Juri had the same issue and they changed the input of the move because of it. But for some reason they made the same mistake with Menat.

Fucking retarded.


Seconded… I thought it was just me and I’d forgotten how to do inputs!


No it’s the shortcut system fucking with you


I’ve been dealing with overlapping inputs for multiple specials since 3S Ibuki. Nice that you guys can just wait for Ono to fix your hand problems.


I’m usually not annoyed with it, but the fact that they adjusted this with Juri for the exact same reason just to do it again with a character who has two specials boggles my mind and is infuriating


ALRIGHTY BOYS! I found it! Max range conversion midscreen: v pop:

V pop with HOLD HP+HK+MP, then lift finger off and press again, then release st.hp and jumpin jhk.

What happens: xx pop, xx MP orb HP orb, jump hk>continue combo.

It’s not the easiest combo to do but it works from absolute max range. So thats probably the starter that people should be using.

Sorry if I’m on the late tip.


You can simplify that combo, you don’t have to hold HP down, just tap it during the MP.Orb animation


I’ve made it easier than that now: pop, hold hp during v trigger freeze. Release hp,

MUCH easier. Before when holding the you had to let go with precise timing and then press mp again, which slowed down the MP input and it could sometimes get blocked because it wasn’t coming out super fast.

But now with the hp hold all you have to do is let go of hp then “plink” MP. Super easy cause the timing in the negative edge release is way more forgiving and the comes out quicker as well. I think that’s the starter I’m going to be basing my upcoming combos off of. If anyone finds an easier/better max range conversion let me know.

-edit… it much frame advantage off of the hold st.hp release though. Needs more experimentation.


From what i’ve seen with Momochi you want to throw it a lot but you don’t want to leave it o the field too much, you just get it back quickly.


Does she have any target combos? Seems to me she’s kinda only got combos in her vtrigger state. Also can she get anything off of her dives?


I finally got time to sit down with the character and mess around a bit. Decided to share something that isn’t just beautiful V-Trigger combos.


That feeling when you start to do orb pressure,anti-airs and combos after only beeing able to poke for two days.
It’s like:

I should sleep more after I play, helps a lot.


Damn these guys are fast


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Nothing really ground breaking at all, just random poking. No solid play. I have a strong feeling that throwing out the ball just like that will be rear the more we understand her. It’s too much to do. - M-ball
Cr.lp - L-ball - M-ball

Those will be the main starters


What’s her best AA?