Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb




I find no use for her ex qcf mp+hp, what’s the advantage? Also after a ex qcf lp+mp after it pulls the opponent back to you what can you follow it up with? Thanks.


So just had a match against an Alex. Discovered her CA can be parried. Haven’t tested with Ryu or Akuma yet but Alex for sure can parry it. FYI.


If you use her “instant divekick” on throw bait range, is it still plus on block?


I was just watching Go1’s stream, good lord, he’s amazing with her!


He’s definitely the best Menat around


yeah no one else that I’ve seen is anywhere near his level with her.


I thought I had read you could combo off of her overhead?


G01’s Menat (Forgive me if this was already shown).


So… Menat is a bit like Bridget and Venom from Guilty Gear? She’s got a very ASW design, Rachael’s pumpkins, Bridget’s yoyo, Venom’s pool balls, all very familiar territory. I still don’t own this game, Menat might be the character to finally make me cave in.


A bad matchup. She does look crazy agreed, but Akuma has low stamina so all those stray hits do way more significant damage that other characters would be less bothered about.


Some mixup ideas for our beautiful Menat !


Heavy version should be. Not really point blank though.


Can anyone PM me the Menat discord?


Found a way to combo all three EX SOUL SPHERE variations.

Sorry for the ps4 quality :s !


Did anyone well known play vs. a Vega? I’m not too sure about that match up for Menat. It’s odd because Urien seems to be more favorable than Vega for me.

Also, i’m starting to feel as if Menat needs a meterless orbless combo that doesn’t require your opponent to hug up against you to have one.

Stretch the hitbox of st.v-skill horizontally and she’ll be straight. Same for, but just slightly. That could make confirming into v-trigger better and a nice bnb.

Shorten the startup on at least her cr.v-skill and you’ll have a proper meaty dp for at least aggressive jumpers. Relying on her natural AA’s is commiting too much for such a minute area, especially since theres safe jumps in the game. I guess neutral is her strong point? But with changes she can be strong even in the corner.


I just want her to not have 3 overlapping inputs. If they made soul throw DP kicks I’d be glad. Especially since shortcuts are so aggressive in this game give me an option to super with 3 punches or something…


Menat says different things during her CA, depending on the punch button you use

Her facial expression is also different during the last frame of the CA:





Yeah she says different things… I can’t make out what she says during her other super…“cloudy with a chance of cold sores?”


Still don’t know what the advantage of ex mp+hp ss does.