Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



It causes more dmg and hard knockdown on airborne opponents.


Fuzzy guard set-up in VT


I figured out she had different lines during her ult but I didn’t know what caused it.
The amount of work they put in this character keeps impressing me.


I really don’t get how you make a character with 2 specials and all conflicting inputs. Despite me liking her playing her on pad is a fucking chore.


Ok I think I’ve found a “bnb” for her that’s not to hard and allows for easy resets and does really good damage into super 499…

Dont know how to really notate it though so here goes nothin.

V trigger activate: mk orb, cr.hp xx L sphere, m orb, xx recall, H orb, dash cr.hp xx D v skill, LP LK orb

Tack on a super and it’s 499 tack on an H DP and it’s 376.

Note that the HK orb isn’t used here. That’s REALLY good because it allows a lot of options such as after the super connnects you can still HK drill plus HK orb for easy plus on block, or you can dash and do HK orb to cover your dash and get pressure or you can do xx L sphere HK orb>dash to get a free pressure from L sphere cancel.

Also note that since the HK orb isn’t used in the combo, you can easily reset after the dash cr.hp xx L sphere point by throwing the HK orb then doing a a high/low xx recall combo into cr.hp xx down v skill, lk lp orb juggle into super or DP.

Damage before reset is 302. Reset is 280 damage for meterless DP. With super its 375. So this is like a 700 damage reset that is almost completely safe to go for because of the hk orb blockstun.

There’s of course a ton of other things that can be done here as well, longer combos and whatnot but he timing gets tricky on those whereas the posted combo has very easy timing absolutely no walk forward crap making you do DP and shit.



The best costume ever. :slight_smile:


It’s ass on stick too.

btw here’s what she says during CA depending on the button pressed:
LP: "Cloudy with a chance of soul storm!"
MP: "Mmmh… sorry to say… it looks bad!"
HP: “But you already know that!”



Why did you give me a “get rekt” @Cipher ?

You’ll have to explain that one to me bud or else I have no clue what you are talking about.


Really wish the custom button mapping would be like UMVC3 and Tekken 7.

Be able to map LP + HP to one of my fightpad’s triggers would be a godsend.


Menat seems like a complete ballache on pad, same for Ed and his piano


How so? I don’t have problems, but I also don’t try to do Long V-Trigger combos.
I’m more the guy who wants to reset you 3 times.


I shall present your prophecy - cloudy with a chance of soul storm


Either way those VT combos require some really quick p-link esque button presses. Shit like xx LP.Sphere~mp release(almost instant) is gonna be a real bitch on a pad




The sprite with her taunt is still to fast, there is no enjoymeant.

Man it’s so cute how Menat fangirls Rose :slight_smile:


I like the character, and she’s probably the most fun I’ve used in the game… but good lord she needs a wake up or anything to get people off her once they get in. A teleport, a dp that hits on the ground, whatever - she’s basically dead before knockdown pressure.


Don’t know about on pad but those things aren’t that hard on a stick if you hold the mp then release it after the LP sphere, no need to plink unless you just find that execution easier. I’m using plinks double taps and negative edges in my combos, it all depends on what I find easiest with my current hand configuration during the combo.


Yeah … isn’t she the only “low life low stun” character without any i-frames reversal nor any armored move ?

Feels like “1 jump over your poke” can end all your hard work in an instant … and potentially close the round !


The strengths she has are only justified by her huge weaknesses. If she got a reversal she’d more than likely have to be toned down in some serious manner… and I’m talking more than just making her v trigger 3 bars…