Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



Her biggest weakness might be her anti-airs without orb


cr.hp orbless is insanely good


Actually yeah her biggest weakness is her lack of a medium, medium hit confirmable 2-hit combo. Is Menat the only character without one?

I’m seeing in a lot of match videos that the QCF+P orb recall is a good anti-air option. Menat might even get a full combo after the orb hits.


Man, I would settle for her having an alpha counter that isn’t just an invitation to punch her in the face for even attempting it.


Laura doesn’t have a medium medium, urien didn’t have one in season 1, I’m not sure if fang has one, birdie doesn’t have one, but he does have medium>light iirc

But characters that don’t have one usually have something else to make up for it like a heavy>medium or medium>heavy or medium>light or heavy>light

Menat has a heavy>medium in orbless or after a jump attack with the orb (>

But yeah, menats link combo is by far the most restricted out of the cast outside of Laura.

Laura is even worse off because her medium link is medium>light and the medium is -2 on block.

Off the top of my head, rog/sim/Mika/Laura don’t have a medium medium though they have one of the other kinds of links.


Even her “No Orb” crouching heavy kick cancels into her recall.
A lot of her stuff without orb is also plus or safe as fuck.


3 bar VT wouldn’t be that bad, especially since that would mean activating during her specials … not really a bad trade, if it means getting some sort of “get off me” move …

I’d get rid of that V-Reversal BS and give everyone some “get off me” move using 1 VT bar, so that you can choose defense (reversal) or damage (VT) …

V-Reversal loses to half of the setups anyway … if not more … and Menat’s V-Reversal loses to basically everything, so slow, just throw a limb and combo her ass for free …

Right now, If you’re Menat, in the corner, down on the ground : that’s basically GGPO ! (meaning you better not eat any EX dash punch lol)

Can’t believe Capcom still didn’t reset things to neutral or slight advantage after normal throws, while preventing me from punishing a whiffed throw with a neutral jump + added bonus of being easily put back in mixup city with some notorious jab AA when you try to do so ! (Necalli really needs that tool ?)

So many things easily changed that would make this game much more enjoyable … Defense, for about half of the cast, is all about blocking and praying … Your opponent doesn’t have to respect anything at all and can push buttons / throw all day … until you guess right … if it ever happens :slight_smile:


If you want to blue ball the opponent with LP and LK orbs, make sure Menat is crouching.


Orb recall is a really good orbless AA. Can’t use it on reaction but calling it back pretty much covers most of the area that someone wants to jump in and then you can juggle afterwards. If they don’t jump you get the orb back for all your strong AA’s any way.

The V Trigger LP and LK balls also seem good for AA as well. Probably your most practical use for them.


Not sure if it’s with or without orb but her cr.hp is insanely good as an anti air.


This is actually amazing tech since she forces stand with cr.hp… might mean she has loops off of lp and lk and can save a couple of the medium and heavy orbs for later use in resets… maybe.


I use her now and on a pad. There is a bit of a learning curve but it is not too bad.

I was struggling with the VT stuff on the first two days but it is a second nature now.


Menat cosplay



I’ve actually seen another girl do it but cant find the pictures


Early development ideas for Menat

For once I think they chose the best design


Weird shit: she can press another button to release an orb only after hp, hk and


Her divekick being unsafe on hit is a joke


Not really. If it was safe on high hits that would be pretty absurd and approaching yun/yang sf4 style divekicks. As it is you just have to make sure that you hit your divekick around your opponents knees on hit or ankles on block. That ensures that it’s hard to space correctly and doesn’t become an sf4 style divekick.

Even cammys divekick isn’t plus on block when spaced incorrectly.

Only real problem I have with menat divekicks is that they are only doable from straight down on the joystick. I’d like to be able to do them from down/forward as well to make it easier to do instant divekicks without getting out a jump normal.


Bit of ‘’’‘tech’’’’ I haven’t seen yet.
You can juggle with the orbs out of Medium EX Orb.

Someone hit the lab for me for a sick setup.