Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



Found this today


Just passing by to see what’s going on here… I see not much…



Damn, the character is new and they’re already running into each other lol


That’s a dude on the right


Thanks for raising the relevant issues :lol:


VT combos/set ups? I really like her kit but I can’t wrap my head around using that part.


Did you realy belive many would stay after the hype walked away like Menat walks? (Bad joke)

Menat is a character for Specialists, she isn’t for the average 0815 player, who wants to DP all day.


Right now it seems she ain’t for either of those groups lol


@PVL_93_RU Is this one up to your standards?









Its ok to admit it





Not shopped



Doesnt seem shopped to me, just a different angle.


So what orbs from her VT are used to confirm/combo from what moves? For example, you can generally combo from the slide with MK orb.
In exchange, I offer my current theory combo sequence with the character


Orb j.HP, orbless st.HK, orb cr.MP, MP deploy… (spacing sets up next sequence)
instant drill (requires very good spacing, you have to hit their feet), orbless st.HK, cr.MP, recall, orb cr.HP xx combo ender of choice

Also, with an orb already out and behind the opponent, Menat can do st.LK xx V-Skill, recall, Soul Throw for some pretty strong damage off a 3f jab.


So it seems Kira datamined an Egypt stage, I really cant wait!


What do you guys think of this mod?