Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



So is this thread just going to be for memes, cosplays and mods now? The tech discussions also seem kinda dead


It seems so. Maybe with S3 changes.


I am wondering what her 2nd V-trigger could be, since she’s so reliable on her first trigger to actually get somewhere. It definitely needs to be just as good unless they actually buff her other stuff for s3.


Anyone with armor absolutely destroys me when I use this character lol. I really don’t like moaning and maybe I’m just not playing her correctly but I really don’t think she’s very good.

Firstly, like Ed, the range on some of her punish combos is bad (depending on the character your playing against obviously). Orb and orbless v-skill should have better range for combos imo. You find yourself relying on meter to use ex qcf lp+hp for punishing but even that doesn’t combo properly in certain situations too. There’s nothing more frustrating than moving into the correct spacing for a slide or dive kick than your opponent mindlessly dashing in. You hit them but then they have the advantage because they dashed in and the slide/dive kick hit early. Sure, this was a problem with characters like Yun but he also had a reversal and much better walk speed. He could do unsafe dive kick and then dp. So could Yang. So can Cammy and Necalli. Dhalsim can’t but at least he has a teleport. Menat’s walk speed and back dash aren’t great and her V-Reversal is close to Juri level trash. You can be in a situation where you HIT a dive kick/slide, know it’s unsafe so you block after the hit, they put you in block stun, you v-reversal out and you still get punished lol.

I’m thinking they’ve held stuff back with her because of season 3/arcade edition. Her v-trigger 2 might be good in her bad matches. Also we have no idea if there are new supers, v-skills, v-reversals, or if season 3 has different moves for each character depending on the v-trigger you select (which is possible when you see Bison with psycho crusher although that might actually be his new trigger). I have a feeling she will be very good come January.


The problem is her current V-trigger is the one thing saving her from being absolute shit tier. Either this new v-trigger is absolutely amazing, or no one will be using it. They really need to improve her outside of her trigger if she is to stand a chance from becoming irrelevant in S3.


Slide spacing tip: The point where you can link st.LK after your slide is juuuust beyond the reach of st.MP. Here’s how I tested it starting from point blank (pushboxes touching):

  • combo st.LK, st.LK
  • have the dummy block st.LP, st.MP
  • this is the correct spacing. Walk slightly forward, and the link fails. Walk slightly backward, and the attack whiffs.

Might mess around with some more spacings.


Bug fix


Some findings from my slide spacing experiments:

  • Forward throw (microwalk forward)
  • Back throw (walk forward a bit)
  • max range sweep (microwalk forward)
  • point blank standing V-Skill (no adjustment)
  • point blank crouching V-Skill (back dash + microwalk forward)
  • Soul Throw (microwalk back)
  • LP+HP EX Orb (walk forward, similar timing to back throw)
  • MP+HP EX Orb (microwalk back)

Will return with any hit/block set ups I find


Well fuck there goes my 10 v-triggers in one round gameplan


I made a thing. Hopefully it helps. I’ve been trying to learn the character for the past week or so now and I just wanted to put something out there.


It seems like she’s getting Soul Spark??




She is, but it’s not Rose’s Soul Spark. Apparently, this move causes a previously placed orb to release a blast of sparks around it, floating the opponent on hit.


Damn it doesnt look anything like Rose’s Soul Spark…


Ok apparently it combos into Soul Throw


Soul Spark seems like the kind of thing Menat really needed in her movekit. Adds quite a bit to her Spacing game and gives her more options after sending the Orb out. Also glad it seems to do a fair amount damage when comboing into Soul Throw


neither look shopped, she’s just sitting down in one photo

also, does it matter, this cosplay was made pretty fuckin early after her release. Like 3 days or some shit, was a good attempt


Did they change her inputs? Because that shit is mad annoying.


^ That’s the burning question for me too.


Which is your standard defense or escape maneuver when caught orbless in the corner? V-Trigger is Vega tier. I try sometimes to neutral jump and do lk drill but results are mixed.

The other question: don’t like too much to stay all day playing the zoning game since rewards are low and it only takes one whiffed st. HP they jump over to start hating life. How do you initiate an approach to be opponent, placing orb down or in the middle?

Which are the optimal CC punishes meterless and with one meter?