Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



Anybody knows what is says?




I love how all her movement is based on rhythmic gymnastics with ball. It almost looks like they used more than two brain cells on her character design.


Yeah they clearly gave this character a lot of thought and detail. A winner for sure.


TFW her v-trigger does Juri better than Juri


Juri ain’t Juri no mo.



IT says that the hair helmet will certainly dislocate her neck.


What about the image I just posted?



^^ Beauty & The Beast


Menat is to SFV what Jedah is to MVCI

A lot more effort put into their characters than most of the cast got


Her eye color and orb changes


Nude Mods when?


She’s so freakin’ adorable, god. Can’t wait to play her once I wake up.

Also wow, the orb actually distorts the stuff behind it, that’s…an unexpected detail, coming from Capcom.


Damn her taunt is a split!



Her S-Tier taunt



Walk speed is good, buttons look good, apparently has cancelable overhead, has drill angles like Sim looks good so far.