Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



She seems to have a bit of recovery in her normals


One more reason to love her.

Meanwhile I’m still waiting for the update, here is what I’m doing while waiting:


Ah I see now I figured the hit was her arm coming down but it is the orb.


We’re live boys



Love her backwards walking animation, that sassy saunter lol. I played through her trials (though trial 10 is giving me some weird issue at the end), but nothing jumped out at me as a go-to bnb combo or pressure string. Any insight on what bnbs I should be trying to commit to muscle memory? And what’s her best crush counter? It seems hard to set up the orbs ahead of times as one of the big punishing trials involves having the orb already out for example.


Alright I think her V-Trigger is going to be a big topic of conversation so let me offer up my initial insights into how you should be using it.

Her front row of orbs LK - MK - HK are much more important than her back row of orbs due to decreased travel time, this is important. This means that most of the time save for some discrepancies you’ll be doing a kick orb into a punch orb, the kick orb being able to hit early after your initial advantage and allowing the punch orb to travel in time to land. Using up all of your front row and leaving yourself with just back row orbs is bad, you can’t have tight pressure without your front row of orbs.

Secondly, forget about LK - LP orbs outside of combo fodder as they only hit airborne opponents. These are easy to use and aren’t important. You’ll be using these from your crouch VS to extend combos into air throws or soul sphere. You really only have to manage your strong/heavy orbs properly. And dependent upon which normal you decide to use, my rules of kick orbs being more important can change.

Double tapping your buttons has the same effect as waiting for negative edge, this makes it feel a lot easier mid-combo to control the flow of your orbs.


I really don’t get the “hold then release” mechanic of her V-Trigger. Let’s say I hit someone with MP and hold the button down as I’m doing it, then release the button immediately after I get the hit. Is it a guaranteed 2-hit combo? What I’m saying is, will pressing any button and holding it down and then releasing it result in a combo 100% of the time as long as the first hit actually connects?


I’m not sure how it works myself, if she’s mid-hit they don’t seem to move


Depends on the button. If you do press/release s.MP at close range the ball won’t hit since the punch buttons release the ball that’s behind you and won’t land in time for combo.


She cool but no confirmable normal for the neutral is saddening, will continue to learn her


Does the orb toss have a projectile hitbox or a normal one?


LMFAO her pressure is fucking nuts.


I have been trying to confirm off or after forcing my opponent between the orb.


Not possible, it has no delay cancel. I haven’t checked but I assume the same thing. You’re +3 on block anyway so it’s no biggie.

  • Has a divekick
  • Can combo out of her overhead while in VT
  • Has a hybrid of keepaway with strong midrange orb normals mixed in with pressure from orb recalling/VT
  • Finger gymnastics of holding and releasing buttons to fire off her VT orbs to exert pressure or extend combos

Pack it up. Menat is more Juri than Juri.


She needs to be in VT for overhead combos?


Lack of damaging meterless bnbs and combo routes seems like menats biggest problem. She seems more about potential damage from setting intricate things up. Which is cool, but I’m worried she won’t be able to overcome the raw damage output and easy v trigger mixups/comebacks that the top tier have. Hopefully the technical side of her will be worth learning, because shes probably the most interesting DLC character so far.


He’s most likely just saying you get more intricate combos off overhead in V Trigger. It’s cancelable so you can always generally combo it.

Orb tosses are projectiles.


No, just place her orb, all her normals become cancelable as soon as the orb is placed, even her sweep.
And sweet Jesus her Sweep got range. is definitly + on block.

She seems rather complex but fun, trying to get some matches at 2 am in Central Europe is a bit… hard, one would say.
Hope I get more soon, this is the first char I want to get git with since the game came out.
(outside of Cammy for obvious reasons)