Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



Are her orbs definitely treated as projectiles? I noted you can’t hit them like sim limbs but Kolin can still counter them.


Another cool animation


Idk if already said but found a strange fun thing

She can cancel combo punches into her V-Skill but it work much better when she **does’nt **have the sphere

With sphere

crLP>VSkill <- doesn’t work due LP pushback

**Without sphere ***

**MP>VSkill *
HP>VSkill ***
crLP>VSkill <- doesn’t work due LP pushback

Possible easy
HP>VSkill>Ultra ***


So basically no bnb, only think I’m getting is light light vskill. She can’t even throw orb without it having a gap. Testing her more… someone said she got alot of pressure, what kind of pressure…


Her standing HP and HK lawdddddd.

Rell Shyt


I love her outside of the soul sphere and soul throw overlap, altough whilst she has orb equipped she’s absolutely terrible at pressuring. I like how she mixes between zoning and pressure out of nowhere, really gives her some differentiation in gameplay. Two Menat’s can play completely different games.


I’m having troubles with her trials, I can’t link c.MP into anything, just started 5 mins ago but it wou;ld jump start me if someone could tell me what’s the gimmick. I can bombo it without orb then I do the same timing with orb and it doesn’t combo, tried doing it faster and the c.MP doesn’t come out


Is there a secret to using Menat’s df+MK splits slide into V Trigger orb twice? Seems like you can only do it once. That led me to think you can only use 1 orb per button and maybe each orb corresponds to a button. But then I saw a s HP into orb loop combo. So I was wrong in thinking Menat can only use 1 orb per button per V Trigger? More V Trigger talk please!

How awesome is her straddle splits taunt? :razz:


Check the Menat Combo thread. I posted there about questions about her V Trigger orbs. You need to time the button release?


Her light orbs seem good for jumping.

A decent pressure pattern on paper just to get in when you want and have nice advantage is activate, jump back hk+hp x2, lp+lk x2… that makes a wall for the opponent to try and get past and sets her up for an easy jumpin plus she still has both medium projectiles for pressure. Can also go for crossup mixups because the orbs travel slow enough for that.
Another summon that looks good is 3p and 3k summon (just call it summon from now on instead of button x2, as it’s assumed that if you summon it’s button x2)

3p and 3k both put up a wall that allows her to jump in after. Probably better to just 2p or 2p using the lights and mediums though as that also creates a wall that’s hard to jump but saves the heavy summons for later use.

Other ball strategies seems to be to use the heavy or medium summons to get a “free” dash in.

One annoying thing is that she cant seem to call regular summons if she’s in a crouching state, like during any crouching move like her slide and stuff… that’s annoying.

Also her v trigger time limit is pretty small so she’s kinda forced to use her ball summons pretty fast… keeps her from controlling the match for to long a period.

#151 from max range then any heavy or medium summon gives her a free dash in. So mad pressure if she’s within range.

If doing into a medium or heavy punch summon she gets a free jumpin if they block the summon.

This chick got that mad pressure in her v trigger with these things alone.

#152 > c.lp > reflect > ultra

Might get consistent if you are always close.


I’ll repost it here I suppose.


Her VT combos look cool but the damage scaling kicks in so heavily that mid combo you start doing no damage at all. It’s probably better to work on some setups that allow you to mix up high/low/throw baits safely.


pretty sure you can just reset a lot of these midway anyway, I’ll look for some reset opportunities. If you can save the light orbs you get an air orb set-up.


second repost because fuck you.


how do u get this camera angle for her taunt?



Orb normals are just hit boxes that don’t seem to have any standard hurt boxes. Meaning you can’t hit them or projectile invincible move through them. Once they’re out you can’t fuck with them (though Menat’s hurt box does extend during some of them to make it easier to trade if she isn’t spaced well). Interesting that Kolin can counter them though. I messed around in training mode though and most attacks seem to just get stuffed with no trade if the orb hits from far enough away.

The orb specials are projectiles.


What I want to know, especially after seeing all those combos, and setups (especially Hameko’s 100% setup) if she turned out to be yet another go in and rushdown character, or if she can actually play a more control based, mid-long range game.