Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb



Learnt the Desk loop, it’s sick


The speed at which people break down characters in the modern age is staggering.


You mean this?

From playinger yesterday I learned following things:

I don’t anti-air
I don’t use her buttons enough
I jump to much
I don’t use V-Skill at all and should be beaten to death for this
I don’t use enough
I don’t use the sphere enough
I try to get in the whole time
I need to git gud
I might like feet more than I thought
You can dodge lots of stuff with her taunt, what is awesome
It’s still entertaining to see how people hit themself constantly with their own projektiles

Time to continue, I’m a learning by playing (and loosing a lot) guy.


Aye, I’ve been grinding it for about an hour and now I’ve got it 100%. Definitely worth it to learn this.

My actual gameplan is still trash, I just jump and try to land VT combos atm.


so the orb doesn’t work on all the hits of a combo! I was trying to learn the timing just doing s.HK into c.MP so I had the orb on s.HK


Can you explain when exactly you hold down an orb button and release it for this video? It seems hella complicated for this game. Also, do you hold down and then release the button or is just pressing the button enough for the orb to go out?


Press and hold? Its double tap.


^ So, say I want the MK orb to go, but I want to combo into it from MP, do I go MP > MK, MK?


She definitely is mid ranged/control based. At least a bit more than Dhalsim is. She has pressure, but she’s definitely the longest ranged character the game has had since Guile. She doesn’t have a far traveling dash and no move that hurls her forward at the opponent other than her dives which characters like Sim have always had since ST any way.

Her s.HK is probably the best far ranged AA in the game and crush counters pretty easily. It’s not going to be easy to jump on Menat and that’s the big way offense starts in this game other than dash ins.


Is it just me or screams Menats japanese VA “Magicarp!” when she gets knocked out?


By the way, who else thinks her V-Skill sucks? My main Bison’s V-Skill does more than Menat’s with less accuracy and skill required. Doesn’t help that down + V-Skill doesn’t do anything different. It feels like they put it there only because everyone else has different versions of their V-Skills/some extra features with their V-Skills. I know it’s too early to say this, but coming from Bison, I can see that her V-Skill is a glaring problem.

It needs faster startup and the ability to reflect ANY projectile, even EX versions, just like Urien’s V-Skill. Also, whoever removed that beautiful property from Alpha Rose’s reflect in SFIV was at work here too: In the Alpha series, when Rose reflected Sakura’s, Chun-Li’s or Dhalsim’s projectiles, they would go full screen! In SFIV onwards, they retain their original feature of expiring after travelling a little while. What are your thoughts on her V-Skill? It just doesn’t seem to be doing what it was designed for. :frowning: Does it look to me like the worst V-Skill in the game because I’m coming from Bison or is it really the worst?


You haven’t actually used her V Skill if you think Bison’s is better. It’s completely better than Bison’s.

It’s basically about as good as Ibuki’s V Skill if not a bit better. The hit box for the standing V Skill is ridiculous and beats most normal attacks easily. For how good the hit box the start up is very fast. Among the fastest for V Skills in the game. Only 9 frames of start up which makes it 6 frames faster than Ibuki’s non charged V Skill and 5 frames faster than Karin’s.

With that data it’s likely one of the best V Skills in the game in general. The down one isn’t too bad as a preemptive AA also (just kinda slow to start up and doesn’t seem to have a ton of active frames).


Her V-Skill is her main combo finisher, it’s a good AA and builds a lot of gauge when it hits someone or absorbs projectiles. For a character with a 2 bar VT with a lot of combo potential it’s huge.


Her most damaging combo?



So, we are supposed to use her V-Skill as a footsie tool? It totally doesn’t look like it was designed for that.


Her perfect animation:


Cute girl. Nice ass. Great feet. Awesome costumes. Amazing animations. Great personality. Related to one of the best SF waifus. Actually has some depth to her gameplay/combos.

Perfect character?


Actually this may be the most damaging one



It’s 9 frame start up which as fast as some characters’ medium normals. You can definitely use it for footsies. If you know how to footsie you’ll find a way. Even on trades it still pushes the opponent away. In general a great defensive tool for her play style.