Menat Matchup Thread



Discuss Menat vs other characters here.


I can see her having A LOT OF trouble against Cammy, Bison and Balrog.


Well she can reflect Guiles V-Skilled Sonic Boom.
I would say 10-0 for us =)


Wouldn’t Guile just backfist you for trying that?


Any advice for Abigail? What options do you think she has for his armored run and V Trigger? I haven’t found any reliable ways for her to deal with his armored set ups.

Also, unless I’m missing something her reversal game is non-existent…


That would mean, that they would still eat their projektile.
I don’t expect much from the most online players tbh. it’s probably way different in offline, but I haven’t played V realy offline.

You have to keep in mind most people online refuse to think, as I tried Menat yesterday out I had 3 Ryus who killed mostly themself, because they keeped eating reflected Hadoken.
I say offline is probably different, against Zoners and fireball happy player will standing fullscreen, taunt and reflect probably be enough.


How do you deal with Abi?


Menat vs Zangief ~
probably 9 -1 Menat


Any tip vs FANG ? Feels like a “bow+arrow VS gun” matchup here …


Laura feels like a bitch to deal with too.


Menat’s bad match ups are vs characters who can surge forward at a moment’s notice, such as Cammy and Balrog. Otherwise, you can generally check mobile opponents with st.MP and your cr.HP/st.HK anti airs. Her normals are so good that characters like Chun can’t win a long footsies battle.


When he’s meterless, boldly hold standing MP reach position where Abi’s normals cannot reach you. Poke it randomly, alternate it with standing/down LP, occasionally slam with standing HP or down HK. Don’t forget throws, especially when he jumps over you. If he stops attacking, include forward MK. Losing your orb in close position basically means death in this matchup.

Meterless running can be stopped with two LPs, but very hard to react. Jumping over is more reliable, but even harder to react.

When he has meter or is in V-trigger mode, be ready to jump forward. Save you CA meter for Critical Art. A good idea is to step back to the opposite side of the screen and annoy him with HP soul sphere and Soul Spark / Ankh immediately after.

After Menat’s knockdown not in corner jump back or alternate between LP/MP, depending on Abigail’s position.

If Menat is knocked down in corner, you basically lost, but you can alternate between LP/MP. If Abigail is somehow further away, HP soul throw could work.