Menat Vol. 3 Trials



Hey, guys. I can’t do Menat’s Vol. 3 Trials and need help with them. My main issue is the V-Trigger. I don’t know how to use it to send the orbs for a continued combo counter. Since there are only 4 trials in this season, would someone tell me in detail how to do each one of them? Thanks.


I am a Menat nooblet, but I have been able to get through the S3 trials more than once now. Here are some tips:

Trial 1:

  • st.HK gives you a lot of advantage here after VTC so you can actually hold forward during the flash to scoot forward just a smidge before hitting st.HP after the cancel. This helped me because otherwise sometimes the dash follow up would come up short.

  • For the orbs in this combo, hit st.HP after the VTC then immediately drum on HK then MP. That should attack with HP, fire off HK orb, fire off MP, all with the timing you need for the combo to continue.

  • Dash, hit d+VSkill then immediately hit LK to fire off the LK orb. If you wait the orb misses the juggle. The orb juggle gives you the time you need to catch them with the DP grab. Also if your button presses aren’t clean on the d+VSkill you’ll sometimes fire the MP orb and it’ll screw the combo (catches Ryu before he really rises up so he drops pretty much immediately after the VSkill). If you see this happening a lot focus on hitting MP+MK just once when you’re trying to get the move after the dash.

Trail 2:

  • The slide is easier to connect the closer you are when you hit the cr.MP. If you notice the slide doesn’t combo after the VTC, hit the cr.MP closer to Ryu.

  • For the first orb, hold MK when you initiate the slide and then release it almost immediately. That should have the orb connect and let you combo after the slide. If you aren’t getting the orb at all, you’re releasing a little too fast to get the negative edge trigger for the orb. If you’re not getting the combo, you’re releasing the orb too late. You actually release it hat feels like really early in the slide (this is very similar to one of her S2 trials IIRC).

  • For the second orb, do cr.HP xx LP Soul Sphere, then immediately hit MP after you hit the LP for the Soul Sphere. That causes the MP orb to fire and does it early enough to continue the combo. Be careful how quickly you drum the buttons though; I was getting accidental MP Soul Sphere sometimes from drumming too fast!

  • Again similar to one of her S2 trials, you have to walk forward a smidge before you do the st.MK in order to make it reach.

  • Something I’ve found helps with comboing VSkill into CA: do QCF + VSkill buttons (still comes out as VSkill, not Soul Sphere), then QCF again + P to combo into the CA.

Trials 3 and 4 are markedly easier thanks to VT2 being way more straightforward to use. If you can make it through Trial 1/2, 3/4 should be pretty easy after watching the demo.

Hope that helps and good luck!


Thanks! Now I only have Menat remaining for vol. 3 trials. I’ll be reading this post as I’m trying to do them.


I finally finished all the trials thanks to your tip. Thanks a ton!!!


Same. These tips were massively helpful.