Men's House Shoes/Slippers

I wanna get the jump on it before Winter rolls around and I have to deal with it again like last winter. All the floors in my house are Vinyl and it gets below 0 here all winter. floors are freezing. Sucks getting up at 4 am for work and the floors ice cold.

I wanna get some good house shoes or slippers. Nice and worm and really comfy. Not some Wal-Mart shit pair or something. I just know some of you guys here have got to have the low down on sick house foot wear. Share the knowledge.

I fucking love these. Got them for $25 about a year ago at Sports Authority, but I think they might be out of production and I dunno if there was a successor to it. Bought them for a day at the beach but they wound up being super comfy around the house.

… nothing wrong with walmart slippers.

Lol yes! A chinelas thread. I have been wearing these RL polo flip flops that are very comfy. I might also recommend the j.crew sandals.

<<<Barefoot Warrior

I only rock slippers when im at a hotel or someone else’s crib, well actually just socks though

Hey guys thanks for the recommendations but i was looking for something more warm and cozy for my feet. I have a good pair of flip flops already.

You ever walk across a freezing cold floor in the dead of winter? You’ll rethink that barefoot status I promise.

Might be on the expensive side for house shoes, but TOMS shoes are slip ons that you might want to check out.

House shoes don’t have enough ventilation for me. I used to wear these indoors, with socks in the Winter, without in the Summer

Maybe not for everyone though.

Nike Benassi Swoosh. I swear by these. I had my last pair for about 5 or 6 years before they wore out. They are durable as fuck, I personally wear mine either without socks or with ankle cut black socks. So cash.

They’re also pretty cheap, just around $15-$22 mark.

Those look ridiculously comfortable.

I have this pair.

Insert link is not working on my computer. Anyway, very warm, and incredibly soft.