Mentally Challenged Kid Taken to Court by School for Recording Bullies Attacking Him


What the serious fuck

Judicial System everybody, Fights for the good people in the world…oh wait


Burn the courts with a cigarette lighter.


Really!!! What was the principal thinking,(or was he thinking?) what is he gonna get out of this? No one is gonna think of him as hero or a good guy for doing this.What makes matter worse is he ask the police to **interrogate ** the poor kid and the icing on cake folks…is he was found guilty of disorderly conduct…disgusting.


That kid should use his retard strength and beat the fuck out of those bullies.


Right? If that was me, I’d throw a car at those bullies.


Don’t put liberals in charge of anything. This type of result is par for the course for liberals. And there is nothing more liberal than academia.


his dad shouldn’t have banged his sister then :coffee:


Principal was most likely scared the recording would make the teacher and by proxy the school look like it was being managed poorly and/or not enforcing anti bullying rules. Self preservation wins out over moral justice when it comes to authority unfortunately.



That is so fucking wrong :rofl:


This is so retarded.


He should take a year off from school to train in the mountains then return and split the school in half with his fist. The insects pestering him will be of no concern once he achieves true strength.


Having a brother with ADHD myself, this is some fucked up shit.


you know what? fuck it. Give him a gun with an ammo belt a la the Phalanx CIWS linked to a backpack full of bullets and let nature take its course. They don’t give a fuck about who’s innocent anyway anymore, so let the kid take care of shit for himself. Maybe a few grenades too so he can get the ones in the hard to reach places. So sick of shit like this. I guess school is a place only for the ignorant and wrong-hearted these days. :bluu:



Nobody let WTF-AKUMA-HAX see this thread.

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What the hell is wrong with the world…?


I’m confused. So he made a recording of them torturing him, how does that see him wind up in court?? What did I miss? O_o


i find this factually hard to believe. he was going to be charged with wiretapping for recording live audio/video? other sites picked this up, but i’m highly dubious.


Tons of organizations do this to protect themselves.

You can go to jail for recording a cop committing a crime, that is if they don’t beat you to death first if they catch you.


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