Mentor Request:

Hello everyone. I know I don’t post here often (Heck, I don’t know enough about the game to answer any questions) but I would like to ask any of the good Urien players out there if you can come and share some of your knowledge with me!

Unfortunately, GGPO does not work on my PC. I’ve tried many, many methods to get it to work but nothing seems to fix it. My computer plays 2DFighter perfectly, so if any of you use that I’d be more then willing to take time out of my life to learn as much about Urien / Third Strike as possible.

EDIT I’ve given GGPO another try and I’ll do what I can to make it work, although no progress yet ^^

I have trouble against seemingly horrible players, and I seem to be stuck in a rut. I’ve asked Cruise, but he wasn’t very clear on many things. He showed me an alternate unblockable, and helped to demonstrate charge partitioning to me, but didn’t give me any real exercises / combinations that I can work on. I’ve watched the replay and tried to break it down, but I seem to have hit a road block. I’d like someone to really explain EVERYTHING they know to me, and help me get to a high and stable level.

I’ve worked hard on my TTH and my unblockables (But I’m really not that secure in my unblockables / tackle execution)

Anyway, I’m free all the time. I want any and all good to great level Uriens to share their knowledge and abilities with me!

Please, help me power up!

a journal is your best mentor. write down what you don’t understand, reason through it. some people are lucky in that they get top players to take them directly under their wing. you don’t need it if you have a pen, some paper, some match experience, these forums and the knowledge buried in them and some match vids to study.
question every part of your game. think about everything you don’t understand and what the missing ingredient might be. try to play like a different person sometimes, don’t do ANYTHING you would normally do. its okay to lose, experiment and round out your game.
none of that is going to be able to be taught to you by any mentor. these are things you must teach yourself.
many players keep 3s journals, myself included. it helps more than anyone’s personal advice ever could. everyone is their own player and must play to their strengths. good luck!

are you the dude that was playin with me the other day?

id say top 3 uriens to watch on 2df is prolly
cruise - robot like textbook urien
ioriyk - same as cruise but better partition skills
me - unorthodox urien

Yuppers, that would be me.

You know what was surprising, I actually saw an interesting Urien named WhoWeAre. I’d recommend watching him as well.

Also, the reason I’d like a mentor is because I’ve played alot of other fighting games. I play more 3D games then anything. For me, the system is always 1) Learn frame data and 2) find setups that bait into landing either large combos or difficult to block series of moves.

Here in 3rd strike, NOTHING IS SAFE ANYMORE!

I’d really just like someone to take me in game, and pretty much rework my knowledge of the game.

I also know that fighting games are almost entirely based on muscle memory, but I can’t seem to really make an exercise that helps me level up my partition skills. I know how partitioning works, but to use it in combat seems like I’ll never be able to do it.

I was far more interested in people showing me setups and a combination of moves to help me understand the game’s system and Urien’s real potential.

When I watch replays, all I really see are these amazing Headbutt combinations that I can’t seem to understand or break down properly, simply because I don’t know enough about the system.

I’m also very interested in going through situations I’m horrible in, such as a throw happy retard that seems to defy my logic. I’m so, so bad against people that never actually change up anything that it’s extremely frustrating.

In my area, there are 0 arcades in a 2 hour radius. With gas prices these days (And my illness that keeps me stuck at home) I can’t just drive over to Toronto for a few games of 3rd strike and go home. Meaning, I’ve never actually seen a 3rd strike arcade machine before. I specifically switched from keyboard to a Hori EX2 in hopes of going to an arcade some day, but I want to rank up as much as possible before I do.

Coming from a background of other fighting games, I know community learning is key to leveling the fastest and most efficiently. I’m not the kind of guy that can create my own exercises and drills to increase my ability and application, so I’d like to know how everyone else leveled up. The only drills I could make for myself was basic parrying (Chun’s SA2, etc) and regular combos, like TTH and mp metallic sphere > 5 tackles. I’m going to be starting on red parry practice soon, but none of that helps if I don’t have any setups to start all these combos and skills I’ve been practicing!

do not focus on parrying chuns sa2 and doing 5 tackles or red parrying etc…

Learn how to play 3s as a game, learn how to block and play safe, learn not to do stupid shit like whiff throws or throw out random moves for no reason, and the list goes on. The whole game isnt flashy urien combos. (sadly lol)

Go to the regional matchmaking section and try to find people to play that live close.

Play a shitload of 3s (everyday if possible). Watch a lot of videos. Watch Pierre play urien, if you still dont see anything when watching his matches besides crazy combos, then maybe you might want to try and learn a more basic character just to grasp 3s better.

To be honest its going to take a long time (like years) before you can play super high level 3s so its really not realistic to find a mentor and all of a sudden become really good at 3s in a short amount of time.

Basically you have to put in a lot of hard work yourself. “learn to walk before you run” if that makes sense.

I think I’ve been misunderstood a little bit.

It’s not that I want to become a 3rd Strike magician, it’s just I feel as if, through sheer lack of knowledge, my solo practice sessions are being entirely wasted. Sure, I can win on occasion if my opponent makes an error, but the general community does not make mistakes inside their combinations.

Therefore, I want the knowledge to be able to find those errors. If I cannot find the errors, show me what I have to do to create my own opening.

I’ve tried reading the guides out there for Urien, but they all seem to be by people who have a very limited amount of knowledge themselves.

I’m not looking for a player to come and say ok, here’s the secret to using Urien.

I’m looking for someone to say ok, here are some of the combinations I use. Here is why I use them and why I find them useful, and here is how you can practice them.

I want someone to look at my faults and say this is how you should be maximizing your solo sessions, this is how you can improve yourself, and let me do my thing.

I play by myself seemingly more often then I actually play online. It’s just that I feel as if there’s so much more I could be learning if someone would show me how to properly practice.

Same reason people pay for guitar lessons, it’s so that you can come in for half an hour one week and have a pro say “These are your faults. These are how you eliminate those faults”

i got this little thing i did to learn the partition timing

next time im on 2df ill show it to you and youll master partition in no time

There’s one of my biggest problems is knowing when I have a partition in combat, and knowing how long it lasts.

I see alot of crazy headbutt moves and I never seem to be able to know when I have a partition or how to efficiently set up for one. Anyway, it’s 1:30 AM here right now, but tomorrow I’ll definitely ring you up.

3s isnt really the type of game where you can solely learn different combinations and expect to beat people. Unfortunately you say you play solo more often than with people or online and that is not how this game is learned.

You could practice a million different set ups and combos in training mode but you wont ever get to use them unless you play other people and learn how to apply them to your game plan.

Training mode is for execution practice, where as new players to the game most likely need gameplay practice which only comes with playing other people.

Then when youre confident enough where you understand the game and matchups and have learned basic solid execution is then where you can ask someone to help fix your character specific faults. :woot:

Post a youtube video of yourself playing maybe?? I mean I have no idea what skill level you are, but my advice is just broad general advice to someone who just picked up the game (which im assuming you are one of them)


I’d really prefer not to put myself in the public eye as a huge scrub, but I do have many replays on

I don’t play a whole lot of random players, but try to read the opponent (although at a very low level)

Anyway, I’m not sure if you have 2df or not, and I’m not entirely sure how to get these replays on youtube anyway o.O

I’ve already said that I’m mostly a 3D fighter, so the parry system in this game still confuses me. A long long time ago, at a site called ijji, they had an online fighting game called Kwonho. I had played that for about 2 years (Before the game closed, I was in the top 10). After it closed, I decided to look up other fighters.

I found this game to be the most skillful and overall best fighting game to put my time and effort into. Unfortunately, basing combinations off of frame data / safe moves is no longer a strategy here, and I have a feeling it’ll take a long time for the SF3 mindset to sink in.

I’ve tried to take my experience from KwonHo into Third Strike, but realized I’m grossly outplayed in the knowledge department. I am literally incompetent without knowing the properties of all the abilities being used in a match. Meaning I need to know A) Uriens abilities and B) My opponents abilities.

Therefore, since I’m going to be using Urien in all these matches, I need to be able to do everything he is capable of. My solo practice shows that I’m not able to do what Urien is capable of, and I need to master my character. No matter how long or how much effort it takes, I strongly agree with mastering a single character first before learning others.

That’s an understatement. I wouldn’t call Cruise a robot, because he’s always changing his tactics up mid-game. A robot would AA fireball all day hoping to hit someone.

i meant robot more like his execution is on point and hes insanely textbook, like a cpu

If you ever want to ask any questions, my AIM is Feel free to hit me up whenever you feel like it. I’m not out, taking first in tourneys or anything, but I’m pretty solid with all of Urien’s gameplay. Plus, for some strange reason, I’m honestly a lot better teacher than I am a player, if that makes sense. lol

Also, Sado, I can’t wait to play you guys @ SBIII. I still swear up and down that I’ve never played you before – I would’ve remembered a really good Urien from tourney. There aren’t that many!

Well yes, his execution is almost scary. He NEVER missed TTH once. Or AA fireball x 5 tackles.

Jeez, everyone uses AIM here eh?


Anyway, I remember Neglector from, I believe, a youtube commenting war. Some scrubby Chun was bashing on Gootecks or something, I don’t remember.

Anyway, the more help I can get, the better! I’ve added both of you to AIM and I’ll be sure to hit you guys up.

As far as Cruise being a machine, I don’t think he’s ever missed his air sphere combos on me, but was having a few problems with TTH.

I definitely plan to talk to him again and have a good talk about strategies how he concentrates on his input. It took me a few months to learn how to TTH (I could never concentrate on slowing it down properly) and I still have big problems doing it. I can’t even cr. fierce > tackle > tackle > aegis corner unblockable, so I have to cr. fierce > cr. fierce > tackle > aegis.

Anyway, I’m the type of guy that enjoys discussions about mind games / how other people do things, so if you guys ever want to hit me up before I do you’re always welcome!

i didnt even play urien last year at sb2, my stick was messin up so i had to bring a pad, so i just played gouki or dudley or somehtin

Alright, well just the same: I don’t ever remember playing you, bro. Oh, and one more thing. I had no idea who you were until I saw some of your photos under your SRK profile, namely the same one that you use for your YouTube account. Upon realizing this, I also realized that you’re SaDinski5 on YouTube – the same guy that was being all “chummy” about that Urien combo I posted. In fact, you kept direct replying to all the comments I made talking about how you needed to practice this combo because you were struggling with it. Now, more so than before, it strikes me as odd that you would blatantly call me out on SRK and insult the way that I play, especially in a thread where my friends all post. I don’t know why you thought I was some crappy player that you were just gonna mad-handle, but I think our match replay will tell a very different story. Whether you were just trying to start some sort of friendly rivalry or you just really did think that I sucked, I didn’t really appreciate it, but I kept my cool about the whole thing. But, now that you’ve gotten to play me again, I can only hope you don’t still think that.

And, yes, we’re still looking forward to our MM.

Oh, and one last thing: in case you forgot how this whole thing started, allow me to remind you:

i mighta read that wrong but i dont know wtf your tlkin about… you mean where i said “flexo over riot gaurd?” or somethin i dunno.

but whatever, MM on good deal

…are you serious, or are you high again??? Ummm…the part where you basically laughed at me. I believe the exact wording was:

“lol you picked flexo over riot guard?”

So, if you weren’t trying to shoot me down as a player, then what did you mean by that? Maybe I’m just ignorant to your sense of humor, but I’m pretty sure anyone that reads that will think the same thing as me, bro.

It’s whatever, bro. All I’m saying is man up. If you post something like that, where it’s obviously a personal stab at me, then at least have the balls to either apologize or, at the very least, stand by your obvious sentiments on the subject. But, don’t just play stupid when someone brings it up to you.

“lol you picked flexo over riot gaurd?”

it is what it is, riot gaurd in my opinion is a better player, thus would have a better chance of success in a money match.

sounds like someone didnt like that and got their pride panties all bunched up. truth is i really didnt have your personal feelings in my head when i said that, maybe you aint important to everyone else as you are to yourself. im just sayin from a logical standpoint that wasnt a good decision imo.