Merging of Richmond thread and SOVA thread

I’ve had a request to merge this thread, this’ll be up for 3 days. Depending on the results, I’ll merge it or leave it seperately.

Also, it’d be helpful if you left opinions on why and why not.

i say close both cause i can crush them all with with my pinkey.

Yes. MD/VA covers all of MD and northern VA (about 2 hours to drive all the way through), This thread will cover anywhere within about one and a half hours of Richmond.

Blacksburg is a weird case, since they are about only 5 posters for that thread, but they manage to keep it bumped for a long time. If they want to join, sure… but that would mean closing their 4 year old thread.

Yeah, I’d say we’re pretty much in the sad little corner of the state located more than a couple hours from the bigger scenes in NC and VA… so I dunno, it might be better to keep our thread around. Unless you’re hardcore, I doubt anyone would want to drive more than 2 hours to show up for our sessions, much less hearing about them.

No, the Richmond part of the thread will just get lost in the shuffle and it will end up being just another Northern VA thread. There was a reason for me making the thread because I wouldn’t be able to visit Northern VA on a regular basis. If the threads are merged, it will eventually just turn into another Northern VA/Maryland thread which will basically look exactly like the 2 or 3 threads that have over 100 or even 2000 posts. The Richmond thread has 40. Lets not drop it back down to 0. Theres already threads HIGHLY populated for Northern VA/Maryland. Merging the threads would basically make the Richmond thread I made disappear and just another of the plenty maryland/Northern VA threads.

People who want to come to Richmond post in the Richmond thread anyway, vice versa with people who want to go north. Thats the way it should be.

Slow down homie.

First off, I’m not sure where “SOVA” (Southern Virginia) implies Maryland, the MD/VA threads should remain unchanged.

Basically I agree with merging the threads because Richmond is in the middle of the state, and honestly optimal for anyone from anywhere in VA. I know NOVA/MD have a sizeable group within a shorter distace and don’t need to come down here. But they may want to. I’m glad you made the Richmond thread because Fighting Game activity in this town has been LOW for awhile. You may not plan to drive to NOVA, and I may not either, but I imagine that several people from here, or even Norfolk/Blacksburg etc would do it in a heartbeat, and hopefully with a thread with “higher visibility” some of the NOVA cats will drive down here from time to time too.

I haven’t payed much attention to the SOVA thread as it is now, but doesn’t SOVA basically mean like Petersburg, and even include areas like Norfolk and Suffolk? It’s a lot easier for those guys to come to RVa than Alexandria, or Baltimore. Not saying it would happen, but still it’s easier.

Truthfully I’d just like to see the Richmond thread be called something like “The Richmond Thread” but merging two threads will mean more hits, more visibility, and hopefully more people and more competition.

Merge all of the southern va threads, except for blacksburg. Because they are like renegade said their own little clicke.

Yeah, what spectre said. Having a VA centering on Richmond and areas within an hour or so (so seven cities, petersburg, Charlottesville, fredricksburg, farmville, and Richmond)

That being said, these are all of the threads made about our area in the past. Obviously a full merge isn’t REQUIRED, but sometimes helps a sense of continuity.

I do like a thread rename to “Virginia Thread: 804, 757, 434, and 540”

although, not so much 540, since 540 is a whack area code.
seriously, roanoke, lynchburg, harrisonburg, fredricksburg, and WINCHESTER?"

7 citieslast post 3/17/2007

tri cities (hopewell,petersburg,colonial heights) Last post 9/2006

Team VCU
last post 4/2006

VA thread (mostly SOVA)
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so are all these closed yet?

if they dont play MvC2 then close they shit, but if they do then keep them open.

Good enough?