Meridian Rooftops - new stage


Taken from the Skullgirls Facebook page, it’s not clear if this is for any specific character yet.

I love the look of it, what do you think?


This stage is coming bundled with Squigly, but like all the other stages in the game, it’s not specifically for any character.

It looks nice in a sketch, but I think this will really start to shine when it’s made 3D. I’m curious as to what kind of lighting they’ll go with on this one. It could look fantastic in a sunset or broad daylight setting.


So awesome. I love this game so much.


i was thinking about something related to backgrounds:

could they put existing roster characters into the new backgrounds? like how big band is in lab 8 but will not be shown when selected by a player when he’s playable.

i had an idea after seeing some old art by alex of an alternate casual outfit for filia and thought it’d be a neat way to see those other looks into the game without redrawing every sprite of a playable character. or maybe a parasoul in an egret dress uniform in the glass canopy ballroom?


I hope they make 2 versions of this one (Day/Night). And the Zeppelin contains some sort of messages


I was kind of hoping for an undead opera house or graveyard to come with Squigly.