Merits of Surprise Forward, EX Up Ball

Lately I’ve been seeing people do a lot of DF+KKK to EX up ball, to bait with the hop, no doubt. Is this on reaction to seeing a normal come out during the hop?

(If not,)I think people should save blanka’s meter for super-tight situations, rather than an EX up ball as an offensive trick.

Although, it could be used to bait for super/ultra if somehow they think they can beat the expected up ball…


*added bonus question: best non-EX move to do if a F+KKK puts you into jab range? I’m thinking jab>>elec or regular elec. Leaning towards regular elec since it’s a bit safer and a difference of one frame…?

Down, Forward KKK, Well maybe if you think, there is not a move like thats, its (Down, Up Kick) (Back, Forward, Kick) Or the punch version of that.

He’s talking about the Blanka hop to Up ball. DF is to keep the charge for the up ball.

He means the Hop into up ball…u hold the down charge usin DF…cmon u didnt know that?

it works and surprises people. i use it in my gameplay :slight_smile:

This move is great for an opponent who has a sliver (one chip) of life left. Opponent is very limited this way (any jump they are screwed, don’t move - screwed, ex up ball has great priority, etc). Just make sure they don’t back dash your upball and ultra you :open_mouth:

i use this all the time… very good on cross up

I dunno man…this is like asking if jab XX electricity or slide has “merit”. Whatever that means. It’s a tool in your toolbox. Use it when it fits.

i was more thinking about it even being a tool worth using, but now that i’ve studied more offensive blankas it makes sense. i can’t ALWAYS do EX upball after i get knocked down, lol.

It was just something that I wasn’t sure ‘fit’, unlike jab-elec or slide. but i guess if hop to ultra is handy dandy then this is just as nice.

I always have luck with that move. Online people fall for it in turnys not so much.

its actually a really nice tool if you mix it up with a cr. short into a combo. i dont really play as blanka all that much but hes got more tricks then vega so when i get bored i love to fuck around with the green guy.

Its great after the coward crouch too.