MERRY CHRISTMAS CANADA (well wishes & gift brag thread)


Wishing everyone across the country a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


Hello Nagata, merry wishing well & gift bragging to you!


Hell yeah, Merry Christmas to all of Canada.

Got me that Hori VLX travel bag, BTTF Blu Ray, and a pair of the Turtle Beaches PX21s, they work on all three systems. All of this from my gf. She’s one of the best ever!


Red envelopes > all your gifts


stupid thread imo


pretty good o imo


Not to turn this into a “my girlfriend is the best” contest, but my lady got me a black velvet blazer w/ pocket square, Fallout: New Vegas, a few black metal CDs, Settlers of Catan (gdlk) and some inside joke gifts.



LOL at nagata lock wishing the country a merry christmas while he shits on people behind their backs :lol:

Anyone who has played nagata lock online has probably been called a scrub at one point or another by nagata lock himself.

Lock that shit down.