Merry Christmas, GD


You guys have been a massive pain in my damn ass ever since I got missed. Hope you all choke on your eggnog and your Christmas dinners give you enough diarrhea to make your guys fall off.

I hope you’re all having a great Christmas eve and even better Christmas day. Please stay safe and drive carefully. :tup:


Merry Xmas!


merry Xmas yall!

even i got sumpin.
i got a zippo lighter from my moms.

i chose it out from out of the display racks of different zippos and she bought it for me.

and no its not gay. its pretty, yes.
gay? no

no homo.


Merry Xmas!


…what he said.


Happy holidays



Merry Christmas everyone!


Posting the stuff you got (outside of secret santa thread). Like this = some kinda social media contest.

Is the equivalent of Characters in your sig. Be Advised.

Stocky Jam now needs to self tier his mom among Snake’s mom, zoolander mom, Jack Frost mom, etc.


Yes, have a good Christmas


i’d give her a A rank.

she’s alotta things but S rank tier isnt one of them.


Merry Christmas, waiting to see what happens when my brother opens his Will Smith album.

(Well I’ve hidden away some booze for him too, not completely evil)


Merry Christmas chaps and chapettes, have a good’n


Geese Pants stole my crappy gimmick that is barely a gimmick.

Merry X-Mas you filthy animals.


Merry SRKmas Y’all!


My dog just died of old age. Fuck your Christmas. :angry:


Merry Christmas to all you heathens!


I don’t post as often as I’d like on SRK, but here’s hoping everyone has a nice day today.




Merry Christmas SRK!