MERS disease claims first victim in Egypt


Somehow, Videogames are responsibile, right?
Let’s name the next disease GGPO, or SCRUB. Humanity is steady taking them "L"s this year.



This must be the work of an enemy stand.




We’re fucked


No matter how hard I train, one has a “limit”.
No matter how much I know and am strong. One has to get old.

Damn I hate being mortal.


There is a way to prevent it!


Whenever I hear about these type of diseases I always think about the niggas traveling on airplanes to and from different countries. “WE NEED TO LOCATE THOSE SUBJECTS AND GET THEM INTO QUARANTINE BEFORE SHIT HITS THE FAN!” “Sir, what we have here is the potential for a zombie apocalypse outbreak that could happen at any moment!”

Damn I watch too much of the same shit.


Please do, pray tell what you’re speaking of.

menacing, menacing, menacing, menacing


“Just like my father’s symptoms”


I was expecting to see some leprosy type shit. I’m disappointed.


Won’t take long before religious asshats try to weaponize it.


Will DIO’s reign of terror ever stop? Long after he was bodied he still being a thorn in humanity’s side. I for one welcome our handsome Vampire overlord.


MERS? Is this like SARS jr


Camels did it.


xfactor is that new new disease

send me the check when its popular :coffee:


So it’s looking like Gaea is going with option A to clean up the planet.

A) Create super virus

B) Give elemental rings to whiny teenagers


save us nanobots


B: Hells to the NAW!! I ain’t saying I’m gonna jack some kid for his bling, but if I see some snot-nosed pencil neck geek with a bad haircut moving mountains by waving a ring at it, There WILL be a battle for Earth, if you know what I’m saying.



NO STARDUST JOJO!? its so clleeeeeeeeeaaan!

ps… This is ethnic cleansing at its finest. MMmMMmMmMmmmmm
there can only be one Mohammad


I’m only here for the Jojo’s jokes.


that’s all the cheese I intend to put here.