Meshball top, or clear?

im modding the stick of my SE fightstick with a guile theme. ive already got green buttons with black rims. but i cant seem to decide between the yellow meshball top, or yellow clear buble top for it. what do you guys think?

pm sent

mesh ball tops are the biggest rip off unless you can get them for like 5 bucks shipped. Just a regular ball top with lightly colored mesh design with a clear coat :confused:

depends on the artwork for me

Yellow Bubble top for sure! I put one of those(bought from lizardlick) onto my HRAP2.

Waaaay nicer looking than the mesh.

I would have recommended this rare color by Seimitsu:

^I second it.

thanks for the input guys, ive decided to go with a yellow bubbletop, i was looking at other peoples fightsticks with meshtops and honestly it doesnt look too great in anything but black,red,or gray, the brighter colors like yellow and green seem to show less of the mess design, and the bubbletops are alot cheaper, so im going with that.

I have a brand new yellow bubbletop that I’m selling for $6 shipped. Let me know if your interested.