mess ups

i used to have a xbox but all of a suden it just messed up on it self i tell you what if you get a xbox here are some things to be careful about, number1: never let it get to dusty or dirty that might make the xbox corupt on it self ok?

number2: xbox is a sensitive game system and every sensitive system comes with sensitive cds,games on the xbox are really sensitive so you need to take extremly good care of them they can’t even have a pinch of dirt, a little scratch or it won’t work. since my xbox messed up three years ago i vowed never to get one but you know the xbox 360 might not be that bad

call xbox and send it in
they’ll fix it for free
but you have to pay one way shipping there

just make sure to give them the excuse that it doesn’t play certain games.
tell them it just displays the error screen “Xbox cannot read the disc blah blah blah”

i didn’t even have warranty either.

As a cautionary note on ImagineVC’s advice:

My system was out of warranty before I even bought it! Microsoft, in my case (which was identical to the situation you described above) wanted me to pay about $100 plus shipping to have it fixed. I ended up buying an $80 drive off eBay and putting it in myself. I was not happy.

But it worked out in the end. Turned out if I sent it into M$, they wouldn’t have fixed it, just given me another XBox. This would’ve meant losing my hard drive’s contents, which I find unacceptable. If you send it in for service, kiss your game saves goodbye.