Message to daemon


you are ass. see me for 1k or shut up for good. have a nice day =)


Rockefeller during the FFA 2-4 Ranbat:
“Do we have any side bets? Side bets on Neiman?!”


1)Noone cares about your “call out” post :amazed: (shocking I know)

2)I only money match for 10 billion per round, if you don’t have the money, too bad.

3)Have a nice day =)


Actually we do.


Fights or it didn’t happen.


sad. i thought with your “sponsors” backing u, this could have materialized. guess u are as ass as i thought u were bum.


Daemon, I’ll never understand why you choose the dopest scene to troll. I could understand trolling SF4 players or some shit but Third Strike? I mean we’re a small ass community already and you’re just being a dick for no reason, shit isn’t even funny. You’re trolling is terrible, low tier at best. You’re lucky CTF is closing because I know for a fact Neiman would actually go down there and take your money, but lets face it, you’re ass, you’re just a troll and since you know your skills are probably a little under average you result in trolling because improving is just too hard because you clearly are a retard. It’s kind of sad we still have ******* like you around.

In before serious troll attempts at mocking my post or calling me terrible and names, good shit bro, you’re the man.


this isnt rly necessary if you guys know he’s trolling


I feel like I’m missing something.


what isn’t? picking fun at how retarded he is or how terrible his trolling is? I think they’re both kind of fun, I don’t think anybody really takes him seriously, lol.


Except the retard that made a thread about it and you the dumbass that made the flame post I didn’t even bother reading.
Nica K.O. don’t bother they’re too stupid to realize this match is never gonna happen let them dream on.

where the mods at this stupid thread isn’t closed yet.


Arguments not fights happened.