Message to new members who feel unwelcome, please read!

Get out.

Yep you’re still trolling like an idiot, Congrats on still acting like a 13 year old e-thuggin’ on the net.

you should just quit now…you went from skillful trollin to hackneyed trollin, in less than a week.

I personally would like to see some just frame trolling with 1-frame links

Not gonna happen. Most casual trolls get sick of sitting in training mode repeatedly trying stuff like F+Hard Insult into D+Hard Insult. Best chance to see that sort of combo is at top tier troll gameplay.

(If any new posters DO read this thread: Best tip is to not go on about SF4 or SSF4 or whatever your favorite fighting game is. Go watch videos about all the popular fighting games, then have a go at them all.

Also, expect to get chewed out if your reasoning is faulty or you repeat stuff you read on the internet to a group of fighting gamers. For example, I’m pretty sure S-Kill once said in an interview that Rufus’ EX Snake Strike wasn’t supposed to do that much damage. Say that to a bunch of fighter gamers and you’ll sound like you’re talking BS, even if you think it’s true. Better to play the game rather than talk about it!)

Ahahahahahaha, this coming from the guy who thought monitors were able to connect through USB and was raped by red in neg rep before SRK switched over? I have never trolled before, nor am I trolling now so I don’t see what point you’re trying to make. I would tell you to go back to Tech Talk, but there are two problems with that: 1. I actually go to Tech Talk and nobody wants idiots like you around, and 2.You spread around so much false and useless information that you somehow became a troll of tech talk. It has gotten to the point where nobody will believe that you’re actually that stupid, and simply dismiss anything you say. Tech Talk is one of the nicer areas of SRK too, so good job with that one.

Wow, the idiot troll calling me a troll? Nice attempt to play off as a troll. Hey, truce? Let’s be friends, tell me more about who you think is the strongest 2d non boss character and what your favorite fighter based on an anime, manga or visual novel is.

Oh, and not a troll attempt, being serious, SRK needs to get rid of the plague that is retarded new members. IQ test, verification form, vouchers, whatever it takes,

The mods should just change the name of FGD to The Special Trollympics and call it a day. It’s been really bad for the last couple of days.

I’m moderately new, I mean 2 years on here is semi new. Anyway I can say I never felt unwelcome at all and I do say stupid shit and troll from time to time. Seriously though I read a lot of dumb ass threads and posts that make me think some people don’t even know what the hell a fighting game is or what SRK is all about. If someone posts something stupid or is a lousy troll you guys SHOULD make them aware of their stupidity even if I do it lol. I mean come on who the fuck has problems performing a hadouken or shoryuken, and only the worst kind of person would ever want to put Steve Dilkos in a fighting game lol.

First thoughts when logging on to SRK: fighting games are appealing, I might like to observe their intricacies discussed and eventually have somebody to play them with.

Has my thought process failed me/you/the greater fighting game playing community here?

this thread rules it should be stickied

I’ve been here for a few days and I don’t seem to be some sort of ‘plague’. Jeez.

yeah well fwiw only retards change their text color so reconsider your statement