Hello all, as of late I have felt the need to say something…

Perhaps part of why SNK players don’t get respect is the need for some of them to ban all kinds of shit that other communities would never stoop to.

Blatantly broken hidden characters? Fine. Capcom has ST Akuma, SNK has its infamously overpowered bosses.

But INFINITES?!? Are you fucking serious? Nobody is arguing that we should ban other 100% combos, and I still fail to see how infinites are any different. The Capcom community hasn’t banned infinites (except deadbody ones in Marvel, as those run out the clock forever and are wrong in many other ways)…hell, even the fucking DOA people allowed infinites in 3!

Even more hilariously, the SNK scene currently allows infinites in some games but not others. Mizuchi in NGBC? A-okay! But Akari in LB2? OH NOES! Seriously, I defy anybody to give me a coherent explanation for this.

You’re also not allowed to use Oswald’s unblockable in XI. Yes, he’s top tier (or very close, anyway), but so is Eddie in XX/#r/AC, and unblockables have always been allowed as a critical part of his game. And I don’t see how unblockables are any worse than infinites - both require you to work for that initial hit, and unblockables may not even be able to kill you!

And best of all, some people are clamoring to ban some of the characters in 98UM, BEFORE THE GAME EVEN FUCKING COMES OUT. I’ll let that speak for itself.

Of course, I know that there are two real reasons for all this:

  1. Asian worship. This is the same disease that commonly afflicts the Guilty Gear community - the idea that whatever Japan (& China in SNK’s case) does is the best way to do it. This is what has led many GGXX players to seriously argue for team tournaments (and even a couple to argue for single-elimination tournaments!), and it is what has led to many of the various bans for SNK games.

  2. The fear that these games will be ruined if such powerful tactics are allowed. This may be valid in some cases, but certainly not in others, as explained below.

So, what to do about this?

For starters, quit with the foreign dickriding. With how different our fighting-game scene is, trying to be just like the Asians is a losing route. Instead, I would recommend an “(almost) anything goes” policy; we 100% allow Old Sagat and Japan doesn’t, and that certainly hasn’t hurt our skill level in ST. Those who survive the bullshit are stronger players as a result of it, plain and simple.

And this will indeed hurt some games. Last Blade 2 stands out as an example, and another one is Ninja Master’s. SS Tenka, to a lesser extent.

So what, I say? If this really is the case, then these games do not deserve to be played competitively. There are so many other quality SNK fighters, even ones that have infinites and are still great tournament games (RB2, for starters)…and those are what we should focus on!

I truly believe that American SNK can become a force, something worth respecting…but we must first get past these mental barriers!

Just my .02,

I hate those infected with the yellow fever as well.

You got it right dude.

+1 for Josh’s opinion

i get what you’re saying and agree. we should wait and see how stuff turns out for 98um, although still i have low expectations of it. tenka however would get really stupid if shit like the pounce > throw infinites are allowed though.

Sagat is only soft-banned. You can use him all you want but it’s just discouraged.


Also, Akuma is banned in USA, but not in Japan. Why?

Good shit, Josh. Spot on with my feelings on our SNK community as well.

I don’t know why its so hard for that group to tell which games are worth being competitive with, and which are not.

America…FUCK YEAH!

I agree with that post. However…

I’ll probably get negative repped for this, but American SNK players just hold glorified casuals.
Stop playing fucking every little game SNK makes, and focus on the best ones.

It works for most of the CAPCOM community.

for the win

Oh shit Dark Geese better not see this…

FunkDoc and I are good friends with DarkGeese, and have both said this to his face.

You are right.

I mean come on. I could hold a tournament for Waku Waku 7 in which only six people enter, win it, and claim to THE WORLD’S GREATEST CHAMPION OF WAKU WAKU 7.

lol. everyone has a point here.

You wouldnt get past me!!! Put money on that. $100 first to ten. If you’re taking a stab at me that is…you gotta earn it bud…put up or shut up…

I’ll be waiting…

The point is good here…I’d rather play it out as far as games go in regards to 98 Ultimate Match also…I dont like the pre banning shit either to be honest…

These are the same people that were talking all that shit for Young Geese in NeoWave…wtf? “C’mon you are using a boss Geese”

Same people saying dont allow Kain in Garou MOTW…“He’s a boss” Same people saying dont play Amakusa in SST “He’s a boss.”

It goes back to the Old school vs. New School mentality…which means someone is always gonna have something to say.

Many of you in here argue about “Allowing bosses”…WTF?

As I say old school mentality…many things I read I only take with a grain of salt because there are so many contradictions…and once again I aint gonna please everyone…

-Dark Geese

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Do you know just ownin?

Yes I know him sorta…

Met him at EVO North…a rather interesting cat to say the least.


Main thing is someone is always gonna have something to bitch about in my regards one way or the other…its inescapable…

So I try to manage the thing how I see fit…


As I say…put up or shut up…stop with all the damn pre-banning and shit…play the game out…let the game speak for itself… You guys are making it hard for me to write rules for the games with this “What would Japan do BS” and “he looks broken so ban him IMMEDIATELY.”

WTF??? Thats pussy shit there. Put up or shut up.

This is like complaining about 2p Duck King in KOFXI etc…wtf??? :wtf:

I agree with Josh because I can barely read the 98 UM thread anymore…

Its like hearing people bitch about NeoWave Geese all over again…sounding like old school arcade players that cant fathom the thought of gasp a Boss being PLAYABLE…

:confused: :confused: :lol:

SNK peeps should stick to KoF 98, KoF XI, and NGBC.

Just IMO those are the best ones SNK has to offer.

well, the fact is…you’re the only one who takes the bosses seriously. lol. they’re jokes to play against. why don’t someone play you with ST Akuma and pin you in perpetual blockstun or infinites? bosses have rape power written all over them. it dumbs down the game quite a bit just adding them in.

old school ftw.

real talk.

…and no, the bosses aren’t playable/fair.

C’mon now, i like to pick on your flagship character Young Geese…when someone crosses you over from a jump and gets NAILED from BEHIND Geese’s dumb ranbu super, then i call utter bullshit. When you have a Boss with a dumb game system (stocks at beginning of the round + random Geese supers = rape), that’s when it gets stupid.

Who wants to play a game where it all boils down to an infinite or one dumb super?

We all know there can be no more than ten people who take that game seriously anyway. I’ll play you for $10.

I mean I’m down for playing damn near all SNK games, but GET SERIOUS.