Messaging players after match

So I’m on PS3 and when I (as far as my knowledge) can’t message the other player other than memorizing his username and messaging him afterwards cant message a player. I first found this out after a dhalsim/sagat combo did some cool stuff I wanted to message them nice team synergy keep developing that dhalsim sagat technology but I just cant find a function for it anywhere. I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere but if anybody could tell me an easier way other than memorizing their username I’d really appreciate it. Sorry if this doesn’t warrant it’s own thread but it’s something that has been bugging me and I think I’m missing something simple and would like to message the other players I face to create friendships and rapports with random people I meet online to either play them in the future or let them know that their team synergy is working well.

As I was writing this post I’ve been playing also and I ran into another player that beat me with fantastic synergy which I would like to compliment (or crituque) but I can’t find the function to do so.

Is there such a function? I would feel much more connected to the people that I’m playing if I could give them either direct feedback on their weakness and compliment their strengths.

I encourage every SFxT player if they feel the need to do the same to raise the skill level of the average player without the annotation that they are bad but instead help their fellow player in their endeavour to become SfxT online warriors, dedicated to fun and an enjoyable game experience and understanding of the games mechanics in general.

If any of this comes across awkward I’m sorry I’ve been drinking Jeremiah Weed swee t tea vodka and beer all night but I feel my point came across clearly and shouldn’t be hard to understand.

I’ve also been testing MANY characters juggle properties and would be happy to go into
the lab for you until Tuesday which is when I go back to work so if you’re looking for max damage off of a launcher I’d be more than happy to try all of the possibilities of said characters for you and try my best to reach maximum damage potential.

Thanks for reading, long term SFxT player for life, Tundravalco

That’s odd, so the PSN didn’t allow you to message them? Maybe it would be easier to just add them to your friends list.

Near the top of the friends tab there is a “players Met” area with all the people you have played with online. Hope this helps

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