"Messatsu" Akuma Partners And Team Combo Thread

So Who Do You Guys Have As Your Partner For Akuma And What Order Do You Put Them In?
I Go With Juri On Anchor Because Akuma Builds Meter Well, Juri Has The Dmg Output To Burn The Meter, And You Can Switch Cancel His BnB Lk.Tatsu Into H.SRK Into Her J.Hp Ground Bounce Into Super For About 597 (Depending On How You Combo Into It Of Course)

I use Hugo and/or Lili, still working on them though.

With Hugo: Akuma BNB >> (TAG) >> cr. jab xx clap xx air back breaker.

Will post more as I discover them, this is just a basic one.

Better way to display it. Too many words.
Akuma: j.hk>c.hp>light tatsu>heavy SRK
Switch cancel 2nd hit***
Juri: j.hp>c.mk>super

I use Raven as my 2nd for Akuma. After a BnB I do the C.Fierce dash loop with either an ender from Raven or a switch cancel back into Akuma depending on matchup / life-lead. Tekken characters I think are usually a good 2nd for Akuma since his BnB sets up an easy juggle.

Oh BTW, you guys have been mentioning that you guys do Heavy Srk, MP Srk actually does more damage believe it or not o.O

U Know I can put in Akuma Mechanic Factory after I find out How to pu “Spoilers” up. Just lemme know. Cuz I still dont know anything of most of the cast in SFxT

MP SRK does more damage, true. (only 10 though) But it’s a little less reliable on combos because of the way it rises.

With the info about the H.SRK vs M.SRK thing, if you were referring to my post, the reason the combo has a heavy instead of a mid is because you switch cancel the 2nd hit and the anchor can run in while the 3rd hit is being connected which gives more time. Plus for that combo in general it makes the timing perfect. Btw I don’t really play Akuma. I’m actually the Juri half of an Akuma/Juri Team

Using akuma on point and kazuya as anchor. I use akuma to open my opponents up and bring in kazuya to do huge damage. bnb I use when I tag in kazuya is cr.mp, cr.hp xx Gut Punch,Rising Uppercut, super, or team super.

Oh ok cool, I just didnt wan’t a fellow Akuma player to be getting less damage than they deserve :tup:

BTW, what combo do you guys do if you bring Akuma in off a switch cancel? Specifically if the opponent is already in the air.

Believe It Or Not I Find That Kazyua And Akuma Have An Amazing Synergy Kazyua Can Extend Combos Off Of A CR Or Give Akuma Enough Time To Set Up For Something Decent Although If You Feel Like Being Flashy There’s Always Slaughter Hook Into Misogi Pretty Good Dmg Except The Use Of Three Bars :frowning:

Well It Depends We Dont Like To Bring Me In Switch Cancels Except In Emergency’s Because Juri Can Hit Up To Between 500 And 600 Dmg Off Of Two Bars
But If We Do Usually Its From A M.Pinwheel And If It Carries Into Corner Its C.mp>C.mk>Cs.hk xx Misogi If Not Then I’ll Do Anything Into H.Tatsu Mainly Because It Carries Into Corner Which Is Useful For Oki Gameplay

Fix your damn keyboard phil >:( Do you have any idea what that many capital letters does to a grammar nazi like me?

Im Kinda On My Phone And This Is How It Decides To Type When I’m On The Interwebs

ThAt’S WeIrD MiNe DoEs ThIs FoR SoMe ReAsOn

I play Akuma/Juri and feel like they kind of fit the same role on the team. Both are great batteries and can do great solo damage with a little meter, but I don’t feel there is any real synergy there. It’s just two good characters. I’ve been considering making the switch to Kazuya in the back so he can get in use that meter and basically slug it out with the opponent since Akuma is muy fragile. Thoughts? Other partner recommendations?

Kazuya is a good choice for akuma I think but it depends on what your after Ie. dmg, meter, ect. but if you dont mind alittle work Raven’s a good choice he has a really great dmg output and average life

I like that what do you use to cancel off of Akuma the only thing I can think of at this point would be H.SRK

I use Akuma/Heihachi, and it feels pretty nice. I use…

cr.mp, cr.mp xx far st.rh xx launcher into Heihachi’s st.fp xx Light Rising Uppercut, st.fp xx Hard Dragon Uppercut

Which is pretty solid. If you want Akuma back in after, just end the combo with a Hard Hell Axle (Heihachi’s Tatsu-like move) and the tag cancel on the first hit. This allows Akuma to do a jump.fp, and then land in time for a st.fp xx Hard Shoryuken.

I’m really feeling this team’s synergy.

Could you guys tell me some team combos with Akuma/Yoshimitsu and Akuma/Kazuya?

I know there were some kazuya combos mentioned earlier, but I was wondering if you could suggest any more?

Thanks in advance.

I do that combo from h.srk, cross rush, or a cross up tatsu into st.hk depending on spacing.