Messed up shortcut command with Slam/Slash?

So I might be being a little 09er’ish here, but I’ve ran into some trouble whilst learning Oni and I can’t seem to figure out for the life of me why this is happening.

Let’s say I want an ender for a 200-300 damage BnB and I decide to use Slam for a knockdown, I always for some reason seem to get Slash instead of Slam? I use F/D/DF as my motion and it seems to pick it up as Slash for some reason and I’m stumped to why the game is doing this. Is it a timing thing or am I just using a bad shortcut method?

Any help would be much appreciated, cheers.

I get the same problem too. Go into training mode and look at your inputs. I notice that sometime when I go for slam (in which I input forward -> down -> down+forward), I sometimes bring my stick too far back and input forward -> down+ BACK -> down+forward. This causes the game to read my input as slash. I get very frustrated when I end my BnB with slash and miss the opportunity for knockdown pressure.

I hope this helps you!

I’ll go test this and see what it comes up with, if this is the cause of the issue I owe you one dude! This has been one of the reasons I haven’t ever decided to properly pick up Oni, it’s one of his prime corner tools.

Been and checked up on it, I had a precise F/D/DF input but I got a M.Slash on one attempt, the rest were all Slams, I’m slowly getting the hang of it but it really does seem slightly buggy if I’m honest.

I have the same problem :disappointed:

Glad I’m not the only person who has this issue, I’d like to know what some top Oni’s think about it and see if they have any solid solutions to helping with it, see if I can get in touch with Overmostheads or something.

After playing a few FT10’s with my friends, it’s become more apparent how glitchy this input is. You are correct, sometimes even though i “FEEL” as if I am strictly inputting Forward > Down > Down + Forward, I still get slash. I think this that the input is just glitchy and very specific (kind of like hugos clap). It’s just something that we have to get used to :sleepy: I watch alot of street fighter VODs of YG24 and iShoryuken, but it appears that all the top ranked Onis (MetalMusicMan, OMH, Wao and Sanford) have no problem with this glitchy input. So we just gotta practice until we have it on lock and that’s all we can do.

I hate to name something glitchy when others can do it without problem, I really would love to know why it feels so strict though. Slash just seems to have higher priority over Slam if you input a DB, and sometimes it feels that way even with D/DF. Weird, haven’t ever had an issue with this motion on any other character.

This is actually a really annoying input overlap that could be easily solved. It bothers me and I wish Capcom would fix it. I’ve tweeted Capcom Fighters, Ono, and ComboFiend about it and I’ve posted about it before, but they’ve never had a response.

I’m going to explain from the ground up.

[]First, you have to know that each Special Move has a “priority” for the input. This is what lets the game determine which Special Move to execute if you input overlapping direcitonal inputs for Special Moves that use the same attack button.
]Second, for when you want Stomp but accidentally get Slash. You ARE hitting “F > D > D+F”, BUT, you’re transitioning from either Back or Down-Back at the start of the input. Starting with Back or Down-Back causes the game to assume you want the quarter-circle-forward input for Slash because it sees you press either a) “B > F [ignored for leniency] > D > DF” or b) “DB > F [ignored for leniency] > D > DF”.
[*]Finally, Slash has a HIGHER Special Move input priority than Stomp, which is why you get Slash.

This is a really annoying issue with Oni for me because if they just made Stomp have higher priority than Slash, this would never happen. I actually had Razor (who makes the [Avenue Brawler mod](Avenue Brawler Mod Manager change the Special Move input priorities and give Stomp a higher priority for me once – it fixed the issue with no negative side affects at all. This is because any time you overlap both inputs, it’s safe to assume Stomp is what the player wanted, since you would never double over F and back to D+F when doing Slash, you’d stop on either D+F or F and never go back.

So Capcom really should make Stomp the higher priority move and Slash the lower priority move. I have no idea why Slash was ever made higher priority than Stomp, but it is annoying and it messes me up all the time, especially after SRK > FADC. I do not want to MK Slash after an SRK FADC, lol… I want to STOMP! >_<

Anyway, since this probably won’t ever be fixed, the way to work around it is to LET GO of back or down-back for a split second and let the stick return to neutral before inputting your “F > D > D+F” for Stomp. That way, the game doesn’t read a Back or a Down-Back input and won’t assume that you want Slash. It’s stupid that you even have to do that, but you do.

I’ve seen your name somewhere before and it’s bugging me that I can’t remember where from >.<
(Scratch that, I completely remember where I’ve seen your name now.)

That sure is a lot of insight into the problem, I expected a priority issue to be behind it in some way. In-between the last time I posted and now I figured out the neutral trick and how to avoid slash, the only real hassle I have now is going from TC2 into Slam very quickly so the second hit of TC2 doesn’t whiff, and getting a M.Slash, and it feels as though there is absolutely no work around for that as I just have next to no time to align my stick in neutral and input the motion. Sucks really, as someone who only dabbles in Oni I can live with it because I don’t train him day in and day out, but if I mained him and this happened in a match near the finish, Sanford mode would be engaged.

Thank you very much for all of that, I have a clear understanding of the issue now, if Capcom ever announce a new patch or balance update I’ll be sure to send this in to them as well.

For the TC2, just hit B+MP > HP really fast. The HP buffers and will come out anyway, and you can let go of Back as soon as you hit MP which gives you time to release to neutral while the B+MP into HP animation of TC2 plays out.

Happy Oni’ing :smile:

Yup, I had this issue. I now have the muscle memory to simply let the stick go neutral and mentally think of the input for stomp from a neutral position first as opposed to transitioning from a back/downback situation to the stomp. So it can still happen but it happens a lot less frequently. It was pretty annoying.