Messed up soldering pad on PCB board


This is my fist mod and almost complete, but ran into a major problem. This is regarding to the Hori Wii fighting stick.

As I was soldering the green wire for the Sanwa on the Wii PCB board, the pad for putting on the green came off. Is there an alternative way or do I need another Wii PCB board?

Picture link below:


You will need to scrape the trace leading up to it with a razor blade/exacto knife and then solder to that. There should be copper that can be soldered to.



Ok since I do A LOT of soldering with my job and work with PCBs a lot I can help you out here. What you basically did is lift a trace essentially. All hope isn’t lost thoough. You have two options(or what I would do in this case):

  1. You can try to put some solder to where that pad was and hope it holds and than stick your wire to that

  2. You can run what we would call a “Fly Wire” directly to the component the trace connects to. Essentially connect that green wire directly to that component the trace is running to. I really can’t tell where that trace is running to from the pics that you have provided.

It’s not by any means impossible. You just have to know what you are doing. Also, make sure you have multimeter handy to check for continuity for any soldering you do from here on out. If you have any more questions just let me know.


Your pads look dirty. Pick up some 91% isopropyl alcohol from your local pharmacy. Use the alcohol to clean your pads before and after soldering. Also, I recommend using soldering braid to remove solder easily, and safely, from the pads. Soldering braid can be picked up from your local Radio Shack (if in your area).


I’m going to try to fix it again after I change the my oil and tires on my car. :rolleyes:

Here’s another picture, I tried my best with my digital camera on macro. 1600x1200 res.

Are the pictures clear enough to see the trace for you guys to see?


I’m having a simular problem with the madcatz retro arcade stick pcb please post you result when your done with it :smiley:

Good luck mate!


Ok, the pictures help out a lot. From the looks of it I just traced the lifted pad and it looks like it’s going to a resistor. Just to a continuity check with your multimeter to make sure. It’s relatively easy, cause it looks like a big resistor. At this point I would go with the fly wire option. Shouldn’t be difficult. Let me know if you need more help or clarification.



Thanks guys, appreciate your help with this.

This is what I did so far, did I do a good job on this?

*I used my compass sharp point to scrape it off :rolleyes:

So once I get my two JLF wiring harness in, I’ll start to to solder again. BTW I used 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol that I had already if it’s any difference that the 90% for cleaning.

Once again, thanks again!


Um, did you just scrape out the entire trace? If so, I don’t think you needed to do that. Just a small section would be fine. The fly wire idea is good too, you can just solder to that resistor that trace is leading to.

Anyway, the only way we know it’s a good job if it works, so you’ll have to solder and find out.


Since you’re soldering to that small trace I would recommend using hot glue afterwards to secure it once its been soldered (and tested!)


Well I don’t know when I’ll be getting in my wire harness, so I might manually wire them this weekend without the harness for now till I get it, unless if it comes in Saturday. I guess I should use 30 gauge wire for the trace. I don’t know if I still have some hot glue left, so I’m going to have to buy some more. I’m itchin’ to play TvC on the Wii already, it’s been weeks since I touched my Wii.

If all else goes good with my first successful mod with the Wii fighting stick, I’m going to start on my other Fighting Stick 3. As well starting to do my next step which is to create my own template art work for both of my fighting sticks, need to learn photoshop again. I have a kinko’s near my work also.

BTW, if I put button plugs, will I be able to cover it with an art template?


Bad news for I, it did not work out well as I thought I did. I just received my wiring harness yesterday and tried to solder the green wire to the trace, it was difficult being the noob that I am. I got it on there, but wasn’t a very good job, a ghetto’s work! The solder does not stick on very good and used electrical tape so it doesn’t come off… Anyways I test it out on my Wii playing Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Here’s what happen:
All directionals work, but the “B” button wasn’t responding for some odd reason, I had it solder to the pads where it’s suppose to be. So now with that in mind, the very odd thing was that if I move the joystick to the right or up, it acts upon the assist partner, aka, the “B” button. Now I am stumped on this, I don’t know if the trace I did or when I solder it on there affect it. So now I decided to work on my HFS3 after that.

Is there anybody willing fix my Wii stick problem, I’ll be willing to pay. Most likely looking for locals, “bay area, California” If not, anybody else.


I don’t have pictures to show at this moment, I am at work so I’ll post the pictures when I get home tonight.


Here are the pictures of the after results…

Need some advice here prior to the problem I posted above please. I would be willing send it to somebody to get it fix and pay if I cannot find any locals. If all else fails, my next plan to find if somebody has spare part for a Wii PCB.



if your solder is overlapping any trace/component from the b button, then it will also activate that signal. I had that issue in my first ever solder job. Basically I fudged the low kick button and ended up having to run a fly wire to the end component, but since the end component was SO close to the left arrow key, it activated left when I hit the attack button. I ended up removing and resoldering the b button using hot glue and a small philips screwdriver to make sure that the solder didn’t ‘drip’ over the node for low kick.