Messed up stuff on the DC



Tested on DC

point blank: parry the 1st hit EX shoto fireball, then do one of the following:

s. strong/ s. forward/ s. short/ c. short/ c. jab 2x SAi/SAII

For some reason, the 2nd hit will just pass by. BUt if you do any other normal you will get hit.

On Arcade

If Ken does towards + forward after Remy does forward CBK, Remy will hit Ken and end up behind him. Good for cross ups. However, how in the hell are you suppose to anticipate when a Ken player is going to do ->+ forward? I think theres a more useful way to use this.

I think it may have something to do with an opponent moving forward…so maybe It could be good in an anti-dash situation? I’ll see if I find out something.

Remy’s SAII as some of the capabilities that Kens SAIII has: Brief start up and range. There are a number of things Remy can block or even get hit by and still get the last laugh with SAII.

block Point blank shoto c. forward (do SAII)
Block shoto c. fierce (do SAII)
Block Remy’s c. forward (do SAII)
get hit by or block a close UOH (do SAII)

Just test the stuff out on training mode.