Messed up teleport?

Has anyone else experienced this? I would try and teleport out of a cross up and sometimes instead of teleporting backwards, i would teleport right into the guy either losing the match or taking heavy damage, even though i inputted the motion correctly.
Does this have to do with when you are inputting the motion? Because i usually mash it.

Auto correct?

I tend not to mash.

Hey West, let’s get some more games in tomorrow.

“Because i usually mash it.”

It happens sometimes. db, db + PPP gives me front teleport. stupid.

Not auto correct, teleports are motion-dependent.

Yeah its annoying, it just happened to me in a final round with a Rufus a moment ago where we both needed one hit to KO each other, and guess what. I teleported right into him.
Oh joy.

ex shoryu for the win

u posted that 4 hrs ago did mean today or tmrw?

when i mess up TP i usually go for ex red fireball as an homage to shin akuma 204

That’s an auto corrected teleport. While in theory the teleport should literally be direction dependent, in SF4 it isn’t.

ryu gets an auto corrected shoryu that kills crossups and akuma gets and auto corrected teleport that kills him :shake:

You would almost think it was on purpose to keep the teleport from being too good.

Yep… This tends to happen to me mostly against Zangief if he has me in the corner. He’ll try to cross me up, i’ll try to teleport away from the corner, but instead I teleport in place and eat hairy armpits when I come out. The worst is that one game, it happened twice in a row. I was in the right corner, I tried to teleport to the left and I went right. So fine, he tries to cross me up on wakeup again, so I decide: “OK, since the game auto-corrects the TP for me, I’ll do it reversed”. So I do the motion for a teleport to the right and I get a teleport to the right again. sigh

Avoid teleporting out in the corner if Gief tries to cross you up.

^But it doesn’t ALWAYS eff-up teleport, it just decides to sometimes

Yeah, and always at the worst possible moment… :grrr:

Because of this possibility, I sometimes use air tatsu to escape instead of teleport if I think it’s safe. IMO its a pretty safe escape tactic.

It’s safe if you can safely jump in order to do it.

lol yes akuma’s teleport can auto-correct, it’s happened to me many times. i find it happens a lot less if you don’t mash it however, so i’ve been trying to limit myself to just inputting it once or twice. also, this weird teleport auto-correct happens to bison, seth, and dhalsim as well, so it’s not like capcom is necessarily out to get akuma.

altho… with the rumored changes with super, i’m beginning to wonder if they, in fact, ARE out to get him… but that’s for another topic…

This has also happend to me,the most fuked up time,was when I got up TP and Geif ultra me…I quit sf4 for like a week lmao

there’s a way around this. It’s the same method I had to learn to teleport out of Urien corner unblockables, and it’s a lot more fool proof in SF4 cause that cross-up knee drop is fucking fast (excuse me if you have no idea what i just said).

Best way to learn is to make the training mode Geif cross u up meaty in the corner, then practice this:

If ou are in left corner geif is jumping right to left, down right, down, (as geif crosses up) down left, down right + PPP.

It’s very timing dependent and took me a long time to figure out but this is the best way i can describe it, again I saw it done against Urien which I before assumed was impossible and 3S treats the teleport in the same way with regards to crossups. The only other means is an extremely luck super fast mashport in the right direction completely after the crossup but before Geif hits you.

What I do is just ready the raging demon if I have ultra… If your already inputting the last FP as your recovery frames end… instead of taking pain to the face… you raging demon them (if they had tried something.) Most good players won’t try to punish the teleport if you have meter though… but a lot of people still will…