Messed Up While Spray Painting Cabinet - Help!


I just took apart my neo geo candy and i started spraypainting the parts that were beige color to white.

I used a Spray paint for plastic that required no priming. I cleaned it real good before i did it. However, the spray paint became like liquid and started to drip on the sides. Now you see where the drip was occurring throughout the paintjob.

How do i fix this? Do i sand it down and spray paint it again? What can i do to prevent this from happening again?

Thanks in advance.



this is what i did with mine. i wet sanded it. and made all the splotches even, then you have to thinly coat it over and over again so that no splotches occur. it takes a few days to make the coat decent.

hope this helps.


thanks a lot enigma. What is wet sand paper? Do i need to know the fineness of the paper?


I don’t know what grade you want, but get wet/dry sandpaper, and have a bucket of water handy (old margarine tub or something), soak the sandpaper in the water for a minute and start sanding. Keep the sandpaper wet, dip it in the water for a couple seconds often.


Oh that’s what wet sandpaper is. lol simple. I’m gonna try that out tomorrow. Thanks again for the tips. Will post pics of the finished product.


I’ve just done the exact same thing while trying to spray my virtua stick black, I hope it will look better after a few more coats.


Take your time when you’re spraying your cab. Make sure the spray can is a good distance away from the cab, and go slow. Try to go for nice, even layers.


Lots of very thin layers of spray paint. Not a few heavy layers. Thats why the paint dripped.

I read a great article for spray painting computer cases, which detailed pretty much how they do paint jobs in auto-body places. I wish I had a link. If you want a PRO job, it takes time. And since you’re painting a neo candy, I’d suggest taking it the long way.

Do a thin layer of paint, let it dry/cure for half a day to a full day (or more. WET SAND it with super fine grit. Do another layer. wait. sand, and do this over a week, until you finally get to your clear coat, and then do a couple layers of that.

If you do it over the period of seven days, you’ll have an ultra high quality paint job on your hands that’ll look pro as hell.


Follow any sort of how-to guide like that, and you’ll do great.


Yeah i didn’t know what i was doing so i did put a lot of layers on at once. Still it’s not so bad now that i look back.

I did try wet sanding it today and it’s still parts of it that look pretty bad. I don’t really care to fix it that much at this point cause only certain areas have that dripped look.

The rest of the cab is dirty still even i scrubbed the shit out of it for the past 3 days so the messed up paint job matches the rest of the cab. HAHA


Got any pics?

If you have money to spare, you could always bring it in to an auto-body place and have it professionally done :stuck_out_tongue:

Have it all taken care of and out of the way. Nothing sexier than a pristine looking candy cab!


I would love to but that’s gonna cost me a lot of money. Do you know how much something like that would cost?

As for pictures, i’ll post them up as soon as i put it together. It’s been taken part so need to assemble it.


i have no idea, at least half of what you paid fort he cab. And you prolly paid what, ~600 USD for a neo candy?

Thats just a guess tho, I’ve never had anything professionally painted before.


I also used spray paint as it has been suggested to me by painter ocala to that right.