Messenger of Death Combo

Felicia’s greatest asset is her speedy delivery of various attacks. While she’s a quick ground character , her lack of aerial hyper combos keeps her from racking up any serious air combo hits. Cat fury is Felicia’s best hyper combo in than it takes her safely under any projectiles that are thrown her way.

*Messenger of Death Expert Combo *

When in close make the first Cat Pack Attack. When the attack starts , hold down. After the first attack , when Felicia gives her little cheer, immediately tap lk to keep your opponentin the air. Inmediately after the lk connects make the second Cat Pack Attack. When the attack starts, hold down. After the second attack , when Felicia gives her little cheer, immediately tap hk to keep your opponent in the air. Immediately after the hk connects , make the third and final Cat Pack Attack.

That only works in the corner, does it not? It’s vicious, but I tend to have more fun using her infinite if I’m already in the corner anyway.

I think that if there were no flying characters in this game people would look at her much more differently. She’s quite brutal.


What is her infinite? I’ve never heard of it…:confused:

In the corner…

[, qcf+hp,hp] xN

Once you get the timing and spacing down, it’s cake. I just wish there was a way you could guard break with her. I’ve yet to try just doing the Rolling Buckler uppercut so that it hits at the tip. I think the recovery at the end is too long though. Maybe just and then catch them with something when they come down? She’s got no real upward angle attacks to use as an attempt besides :confused: