Messing with the game values

So I was wondering, has anyone considered the possibility of trying to adjust the game values a bit for competitive play?

This game lets you adjust how many bars you start the match with, as well as the damage value (how much damage attacks deal)

If it’s possible to make the damage lower, maybe that might lead to longer matches and dull the usefulness of some tactics.

Would starting the match with (for example) 2 levels and the lowest damage setting make the game more balanced or less balanced?
Or is it not worth discussing?

not worth discussing. anything like that would never catch on in any competitive play in america on a tourney level. whatever the default is, is what goes pretty much. even if it makes sense in some cases to adjust certain things, like in tekken 5 it made more sense to play on 120 like the koreans, but pretty much only korea set that standard to my knowledge, while japan stayed at 100, america did, and i believe most of europe played on the default 100 health.

so im not saying it doesnt make absolute sense in some cases, but its not really worth discussing in my opinion.

Well if the players here are planning to compete with the japanese eventually then u should just keep it to default since i guess thats what they will be doing :3

If anything lower health would make the game more broke.

Yeah, I figured as much. I just thought that so many people seem to complain about the game damage being too heavy and matches being over too quickly, so the logical conclusion would be to lower the damage settings?

Turns out you can only lower it by one star, which doesn’t seem to make too much difference anyway. Oh well.

This isnt smash brothers.