Messing with the guys head

Ken is not a one trick pony…(walk back & forth,super) after a knockdown ken has to mix up his dash,throw,overhead,and his trusty to seriously screw with his opponents head(which is what this game is all about) so without further ado lets discuss some of his mixups…

Ill just post the basics to start

*All mixups are done after a knockdown excluding his sweep

  • All of these mixups are NOT guaranted

Cross up mk,land,dash backward,,super(Great because the person might have thought you were going for a throw after the cross up and is fooled)

You can replace the super with a sweep or a shoryuken (yes it hits just depends how deep your cross up was) if you wish doesn’t really matter saves bar though…

Whiff c.short walk forward a bit c.short,c.short super (one of my favorites. Tricks the opponent because he probably thought you were going for a throw or a overhead but instead you go low also stuffs his tech throw attempt)

Walk foward a bit dash back ,super (Tricks your opponent into thinking you were going low or going for a throw. When he whiffs his throw attempt you punish)

You can replace the super with sweep

Cross up mk,land,b+mk,super (The classic!The opponent blocks low after the cross up but you deliver with a overhead kick linked into a super*(SA3 of course!))

*when executing the super be sure to piano tap the kicks at the end of the motion.I find it makes linking the b+mk into super a breeze

Walk backwards,Walk foward, throw (Boring… people see it coming but thats the the point it sets up other mixups)

Walk backwards,Walk foward, shoryuken (opponent thought you were going for the walk backwards,walk foward throw mixup but instead you blow right through his tech throw attempt with your shoryuken)

Walk up super(The eat my priority mixup… since ken’s stuffs alot of moves you should beat alot of wake up moves as well.After the link into a super the keyword here is link.As with chun li’s infamous you can wait a bit and see if your normal connected and super even if the guy parrys your i would still go for the super its risky but most people try to attack after but get hit by it.)

Walk foward a bit,Walk back a bit lp shoryuken,Kara shoryuken (I only do the lp shoryuken since the kara shoryuken that follows is difficult to pull off.In the corner though you can just normal shoryuken 2 times. The trick here is walking back so your just outside there throw range)

Cross up mk,overhead,Fierce shoryuken (works cuz the person might have thought he could retaliate after the overhead this mixup is also a good for chipping for late game situations)


hmm pointing some stuff out

i think the srk would whiff 'cuz a back dash would create quite a distance

there’s enough time for decent players to parry the works once in awhile tho, i do not doubt that

i think if he’s trying to tech u he would grab u before the srk comes out

ya i better fix that i meant to put that in a another mixup regarding the shoryuken my bad:lol:

i know theres enough time for decent players to parry the b+mk but thats not the point its still a mixup

You time your srk so it comes out when the guy will try to grab you


its true, look at mopreme vs hsien chang evo2k3, hsien got suckered into crossup mk, b+mk :wink:

Dash, lp srk when they think youre gonna dash throw., lp srk, works cuz they try to punish Sweep x inf haha works because it just gets in their head. Close sweep, dash (or walk back) UOH, super.

Updated with 3 more mixups the Daigo/eat my priority mixup and the shoryuken kara shoryuken mixup also just added the overhead shoryuken mixup

thx for you info epilson :slight_smile: