Met up with gl0ry

mad cool guy around where I go to school at. This guy is pretty damn good @ SfIV.

definitely thread worthy

I want to meet up with Gl0ry too!

agreed 100%.

Very weird too. I usually don’t wander around these part of the threads here in SRK, I’m usually in Tech Talk because I design controllers and I was going up to school in upstate NY. I got bored one day because I couldn’t find any challengers for SFIV around the area, so I used to Search function, and met up with Gl0ry unexpectedly. Apparently we go to the same college. Go Figure. Anyways I have never met Gl0ry before until I met him yesterday for some casual matches. Very Cool guy and easy to talk to, mad chill and whatnot. He even taught to teach me how to tune my skills better in with M.Bison(Boxer), and I applaud you if you are reading this. :smiley:
Kudos to you man.

Thanks. I didn’t think anyone around here played, never the less design sticks. Nice to meet you man. Gonna need you to hook me up with a cthulhu! We need to collaborate on a project before you move.

Sucks that you’re leaving after this semester though but maybe I got a place to stay at in the city now whenever I go.

You’re more than welcome to stay and hang out whenever I go back to NYC. :smiley:
What did your buddies think of the Spiderman TMO?

They thought it was cool, but a lot of them use pads. Tekken players love them pads :smile:

i remember when i met gl0ry at ecc

those were da days

why cant i meet networkingyuppy and gl0ryhole…i mean gl0ry.

ah gl0ry, you’re the guy i was playing online that one day. gs!