Meta knight av request

I can’t find any decent images other then these (tornado and drill rush ike are favorites) so if you find something you think looks nice with meta knight then feel free to mak an av of it I appreciate it.

Preferably i’d like an av of dark meta knight (has red eyes) doing a smash attack.

it’s not the same colors but here are 2 pics that might help…

Can’t find any dark MK pics but here’s one I like:

No takers?

i will bust something for you dude

^^Th’as beautiful thanks man:tup:

Wow, I was just about to make the exact same damn thread. Identical title and everything…

( I wanted just some galaxy space shit in the backround though hahaha)

Your welcome dude, glad to be of an assistance

did you need one to dude?

Yeah, that’d be pretty awesome.

Awesome, thanks a bunch man!