Metaknight Infinite Dimensional Cape

Any attempt to use this move as a stalling tactic will result in a immediate disqualification.

how can you tell the difference between someone using it to stall and someone using it approach who is waiting for a safe opportunity to attack?

sure, engage the enemy, since the move is punishable if blocked it should be fine. stalling is when no contact occurs between players where the said player has zero chance to hit them.

so, just for clarification, if I use this move to attempt an approach and retreat when my opponent shields is that still stalling?


what I mean is retreat while still invincible because I notice my opponent is shielding, so I don’t actually use the attack at the end.

It’s almost impossible to do anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it much Wiz. I’d be impressed if someone COULD stall with it

I do believe he means use the move as it would work without the extender glitch at all- If you start extending the length of the Dimensional Cape’s duration (and it’ll be obvious that you are, considering the mauling you have to inflict on your controller to do it) yer gone, regardless of reason for attempting to extend it…

Zero tolerance is about the only way to enforce it at all without more testing, and since Evo’s in three weeks, there isn’t time to give that kind of experimentation.

I agree with AZ.

Amazingly, I’m gonna have to agree w/ AZ at this point. There’s no proof that this is broken, yet. Let’s see if someone actually spends the time to master it AND can take it the point of winning matches. Until then, it seems far too immature of a reaction to go and ban such a glitch. Not to mention that keeping this kind of thing up for any significant length of time will get tiring. Kinda like CapCom’s infinite grab in MvC2. Sure, stall for the rest of the match and win. Your arm’s dead now, good luck continuing.

It’s not almost impossible when you use both thumbs on the c-stick and your pinky to hold down on the control stick (sitting the controller on your lap and using it like arcade buttons). nor is it almost impossible if you switch to the wiimote/nunchuck setup and map your c-stick function to your d-pad.

This will be a very interesting tournament.

I think this will definitely be showing up, Wiz already said you could use it for tactical advantage. The move itself isn’t banned, it’s just a pre-emptive strike to people out there learning how to absolutely destroy their thumbs to keep this going for minutes, which is impressive in itself.

Wiz already put down his decision.

If he changes the rulings or whatever, he’ll let everyone know.
If you have any other legitimate concerns regarding this send a PM.