Metal Control Panel Joystick mount? Where can I buy?

Where can I buy one in the states or for that matter, anywhere? I’m modding a Hss-0136 Saturn Virtua stick to accept an LS-32 or JLF.


I hate to break it to ya, but you gotta butcher your sticker/overlay in order to gain access to the counter sunken screws that attach the black plastic piece to the metal panel.

I’m actually using the Saturn Virtual-On stick as a base instead. Also, I’m making a panel from scratch instead of reusing Sega’s pieces.

AkihabaraShop only sells the parts that attach directly to the joystick, not the metal panel part.

You’re going to have to fashiion your own. I just drilled into the top panel for my HSS-0136 mods. For LS-32(-01), you want to mount it as high as possible anyway. I just counter sunk the screws and then made a plexi layer for the art.