Metal for control panels


Does anyone know where i could find cheap metal for control panels. im thinking about having metal control panels rather than wooden control panels. could anyone tell me the pros and cons of wooden vs metal control panels as well.
thank you


slagcoin’s material page might give you some insight.


in my area there’s an awesome metal scrap yard. you should see if there’s something like that around you.


There are always road signs, they’re free and readily available…

(just kidding btw)


Also be sure to try Industrial Electronic supply stores. Some people use pre-made electric switch panel or breaker boxes for their sticks. Cheap and durable :wink:


If you have an old PC case lying around, you could use the side off it.

Another option is aluminium, but make sure it’s a decent thickness (around 18ag)


Wood panels could catch on fire? :open_mouth:


that sounds like a good idea, but pc cases are to weak i think.


hey thanks for the help everyone you have all been very kind. Ive been looking online for the metal after reading some of your posts and i have found a few places but is there any kind of local hardware shop that would sell metal sheets. i also like the stop sign and computer case idea


Some cases have thicker metal than others. Usually the cheap arse cases have very thin panels, in that case I wouldn’t recommend it. Most regular cases are thick enough though.


Orchard Supply sells various metal sheets in different thickness, I know that for sure. I’ve never checked Home Depot or Lowes for the stuff though.


Homedepot has a pretty decent selection of sheet metals (only thing stopping me is pure lazyness lol)