Metal Gear Online 2.0




Oh snap 2.0.
Good stuff nav. :lovin:

Metal Gear SOLID Thread: Snake? SNAAAAKE!
Metal Gear SOLID Thread: Snake? SNAAAAKE!

nav were u at, im finally ready to play!


woooo! :woot:


Site is so fucking sexy.




Had to reply in the 2.0 thread. But yeah your right about the devious methods other players use. xD


:wonder: Everyone here see the [media=youtube]V6kieELoYew[/media]?

I’m so stoked for this one… dood!


That was 9 minutes of heaven.
Deep story - Check
Amazing graphics - Check
Epic Music - Check
Innovative stealth gameplay - Check

I loved the 1st P.O. but this kills it. I can’t wait to get the game, and the co-op is delicious. :cool:


Can’t wait for Peace Walker!
Updated First post with Peace Walker Playable Demo.


Might not be able to make it for survival tonight. I Gotta take my bro to the airport :frowning: If I make it it’ll will most likely be towards the end.


I prolly won’t be on either. It’s my cousin’s b-day today & I wanna go watch Pandorum tonight.


pandorum hella average lol…decent/watchable movie though. watch cloudy with chance of meatball in 3d instead. thank me when you get back :cybot:

I’ll probably be around…play with random…


my little bro is gonna send a clan request

his name is:


no fat ppl allowed in clan plz :blush:



I’ll be on tonight. I’ll hop on now in fact and get warmed up, lol


Im back lol. Thought i was gonna end up hanging out with some family after dropping my bro off but f that haha.


Sorry guys I fucking suck soooo much. I did awful today and was the sole cause for us losing on numerous occasions. That last match was just the icing on the cake :frowning:

I’ll be using sop stealth in rescue all the time from now on. Its only at level 2 so its sop2 sixth sense3 and mono3. Once I get sop to level 3 it will be that and sixth sense 3.


laggy-azz games today. ONLY legit and good team I can think of is the BB. they didnt glitch and won without garbage connection assist. every other “top player” can kiss my ass. you shot them in the face point blank and it fucking SHOWS they have no life and clowns still running around all over the place…:annoy:

some decent clean matchs tho. not a complete waste I guess.


GG’s ladies! I’m a bit rusty. Gotta practice up.

It’s cool. We should level up. I need to level up a lot of LadyFox’s skills. :looney:


Yeah, some douche bag was doing the death loop on me in one of those matches, and the others were like, super laggy.

I blasted someone with a nade, saw her go flying, and then I just get headshot, and she teleports back to her feet. Super gay.