Metal Gear Online Premiere Beta

Bit preemptive I suppose, but it’d be nice to have some kind of headcount if an SRK clan was to be made or something. And I guess that’s all there is to say!

So, did anyone play the MGO in Subsistence?

I did and i think it was the coolest online shooter i had played in forever, it had some balance issues thanks to it not being patchable but in concept it was awesome and updated it should be amazing

I’ll be playing

Damn right. You’re getting shot the fuck up (the new “STFU”).

Losers get banned from SRK. And by “losers” I mean those not affiliated with the SRK Illuminati.

oh yes…MGO was fucking awesome even with random glitchs/cheaters. I will def be playing. everyone here should make screen names starting with “[SRK]”. REPRESENT !:rock:

and I hope they have the old maps too…all of them were pretty good…and I want soundtracks from all MG games

i will definately be playin mgo!

Shit, count me in

count me in. if i don’t go with the SA goons, i’ll do an srk clan.

For any of the original MGO players, what were your names and stuff?

Mine was Snatcher, and my highest rank was Foxhound that I got on the name “-dpX- Snatcher.”

I’ll def be playing it :woot:

The account that I played on the ps2 was CAPCOM KILLAH.
Does anyone play the one for the psp???
It would be nice to play SRKERS instead of random people.

In too win.

I would like to add myself as well. I loved MGO until its server death. I will be looking for you guys.

My name was BAN C. HAMMER, but I made JohnnyDeath just for MGO, so I’ll probably go with my PSN if given a choice.

erm what’s this about?

I’ll be on this for sure.

ahh cool.

will this be download only? release date?

Not sure if its download only, but ive read that if you preorder MGS4 sometime in April you will be given an invite to the closed beta for MGO. So the release may be a little far off.

EDIT: Did some searching I believe the beta will be on the PSN on April 17th and will become playable on the 21st. So go get your codes :slight_smile:

Well sign-ups for the Japanese beta has begun if anyone’s interested. It starts on April 14th I believe.

April 21 for NA beta. Add me.